Ken – The Dedicated and Motivator Leader

by Aly Damil
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Ken Lee prefers to call himself a leader rather than a manager. He considers himself a dedicated and motivator leader who inspires his team members to achieve their goals. Let’s get to know Ken from the Business Development Team of SEAGM.

Developing new interests increase the chance of happiness

Ken has a degree in Finance and Management, and has been with SEAGM since July of last year. Outside his role as a Business Development Manager, he enjoys a lot of things during his free time.

“Everyone has their interests. For me, I enjoy cooking during the weekend and spending time with my pet dog. I always try new hobbies and develop new interests as well; this helps to increase the chance of happiness.”

Most Important Values

Identifying opportunities in the target market, developing relationships with key accounts, increasing brand awareness, and seeking new opportunities that promote growth – these are the main roles of the Business Development Team. 

Ken with his colleagues Tony (Business Development Manager) and Vicky (Senior Analyst)

“I think my dedication, integrity, commitment and courage are my most important values. Instead of a team manager, I consider myself more as a team leader. A team leader inspires and motivates the team members to achieve their goals. I always do my best to figure out what motivates each of the team members. This way, I can individually discuss with them about how a goal or a change can benefit them and the team.”

Ken added, “I always encourage my team to share their ideas and dreams. Once they have a good sense of what’s important and why, before figuring it all out, we’ll discuss it together.”

It is his ultimate goal to build a world-class business development team. As someone who loves winning, helping the team win gives him great pleasure.

If you are looking to join Ken and his team, you may apply through the Business Development Team application link.

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