Learning for Life: SEAGM’s Holistic Training Landscape

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SEAGM stands out as more than just a workplace—it’s a dynamic learning hub that invests in the growth and development of its employees. The diverse range of online courses offered in SEAGM this year paints a vivid picture of SEAGM’s commitment to foster a well-rounded skill set. From mastering the details of Google Workspace to delving into the specifics of SEO for Business and Understanding Artificial Intelligence, SEAGM ensures that its team stays ahead in the digital workplace. However it is not just about technical expertise as employees are also equipped with essential life skills, including Time Management and the engaging discovery of The Power of Your Thoughts.

Elevating our commitment to excellence, what sets SEAGM apart is the fusion of virtual and in-house training experiences. The two-days in-house training session on Synergized Problem Solving, led by a seasoned Scrum Master and Agile Coach, exemplifies solving problems like a pro in a holistic and effective way! Besides, the workplace isn’t just about screens and keyboards, agree? With that, SEAGM takes employee well-being seriously, evident in the comprehensive First Aid at Workplace training conducted by St. John Ambulance of Malaysia. This training builds workplace heroes! St. John Ambulance of Malaysia covers essential first aid skills, preparing SEAGM’s employees to respond effectively in emergencies and contribute to a safe work environment.

Synergizing problem-solving and creativity in one frame

Snapshot of life-saving skills in action

To conclude, SEAGM’s training initiatives go beyond the ordinary. Whether it’s understanding the mysteries of Google Spreadsheets through hands-on sessions where everyone can become a spreadsheet ninja, from shortcuts to advanced functions to excel in spreadsheet wizardry! On the other hand, Effective Negotiation Skills training helps SEAGMers to master the art of any deals! SEAGM ensures that learning is both engaging and directly applicable to the professional landscape. As employees acquire skills that transcend their immediate roles, SEAGM emerges not only as a platform for earning a livelihood but as a nurturing ground for continuous learning and growth. 

Basically, SEAGM is not just a workplace—it’s a knowledge playground where each day brings new insights and opportunities for personal and professional advancement. Wish to be part of a dynamic team? Your journey towards an exciting and fulfilling career begins here. 

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