WTFast Subscription Available at
MapleSEA @Cash Promotion
Steam Weeklong Deals 24th May 2016
Korean Payment Gateway
Steam Weeklong Deals - 17th May 2016
Maybank annual system maintenance
China Scams
CO Stress Poker Royale Contest
Dota 2 Winter 2016 Battle Pass Winners
Paypal 5% discount promotion event
Steam Wallet Card Malaysian Ringgit
WTFast Subscription Available at

WTFast Subscription available at

by SEAGM Media Editoron January 18, 2017
WTFast is a Global Gamers Private Network (GPN) which enhance your online game performance. It optimizes and improves your connection from end to end. That means lower ping for your MMO games!

Global Mobile Reload Service

by SEAGM Media Editoron January 10, 2017 is proud to announce global mobile reload service, a new service to all our valued customers. You can refill your own or someone else's mobile phone credit via fast, simple and secure service. All it takes is 4 simple steps.
Steam Winter Sales 2016

Steam Winter Sale 2016

by SEAGM Media Editoron December 23, 2016
Steam Winter Sales is happening right now! This is the last STEAM sales in 2016. Awesome discounts for popular games up to 90%! Games on great discounts today are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOOM Franchise, Civilization Franchise, Just Cause Franchise and many more...

DOTA 2 7.0

DOTA 2 7.0 Is LIVE

by SEAGM Media Editoron December 13, 2016
DOTA 2 version 7.0 wait is finally over! It's live. DOTA 2 7.0 has 4 major updates. This latest update brings every DOTA 2 player to The New Journey as well as a NEW HERO.
MapleSEA @Cash Promotion

MapleSEA Asiasoft @Cash Promotion

by SEAGM Media Editoron December 1, 2016
MapleSEA Maplers listen up. We've got a promotion for all of you! For the whole month of December, purchase a Asiasoft @Cash SG 50K and receive a really cute Happy Monster Ring (A celebratory ring featuring your favorite Maplestory icons.)


by SEAGM Media Editoron November 26, 2016
请大家提防中国手游交易平台。很多都是诈骗各种点卡的网站比如MOLPoint, iTunes Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, 神州行充值卡, 中国移动卡,联通一卡通,中国电信卡等等.

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