The Squad

by Raymond Foo

Made up of gamers from different walks, and all genres, the News.SEAGM team are always hunting for the latest and greatest that the gaming world has to offer. Either that, or they’re in a game (off the clock of course!)




Sammy Chan

Designation: Professional Matchmaker (with other companies)

I eat existential crisis for breakfast, listen to music on max volume and play way too much video games in the dark. If you turn on the lights while I’m gaming, I’m very likely to hiss at you.

I’m typically found propagating my “Stan Mamamoo” agenda on Twitter.



Bryan Wong

Designation: Lvl 60 Warlock

Casual gamer that enjoys all kinds of genres from MOBAs to RTS. Has a soft heart for JRPGs, especially Final Fantasy. Listens to game soundtracks way too often. Wishes to be a baby chocobo.

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Designation: Video Wizard

When I’m not in my riding jacket or hiking boots, I’m just in shorts, smashing away WASD. I love FPS games so much, I made a career out of Shooting. I’m no Video Wiz; I just push buttons, quietly stare at the screen as the render bar completes and war cry when After Effect crashes.

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Designation: Professional paper shredder

A casual gamer. Draws and animates sometimes, but mostly contemplating existence. Dresses weird, but is actually just cosplaying.

Like a racoon, can be found in the nearest trash can digging for memes.

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Designation: Visual Sire

I slap images together hoping they would work. Casual MOBA player and a manga reader. Always busy trying and secretly hoping that a meteorite would land on me and wipe me out of existence when I sleep. …:pepekms:

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Designation: All seeing eye / MLBB Royalty

SEAGM’s Marketing godfather. Has an addiction to the MOBA genre and Kimonos. Meetings and strategic planning dominates his daytime while Mobile Legends: Bang Bang kneels to him at night.