Puthinan’s 9 Years of Exceptional Service: A Journey in SEAGM Customer Care Excellence

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Let’s get to know about Puthinan Bubpawas (พุฒินันท์ ) our Senior Customer Service Officer from Thailand who has been with SEAGM for 9 years with excellent contributions.

9 years of service in the same organization is not a simple accomplishment. It required dedication and sincerity to stay committed. Puthinan initially found about SEAGM in a website where he used to look for job opportunities previously. He submitted the job application on the website, and he is here with us today, celebrating his 9th year of a wonderful working and learning journey. He mentioned that his inspiration is his manager. Since he works in SEAGM, his manager has taught him a lot about how to work as a customer service officer, how to service customers with patience and much more. He was always told to serve customers with good intentions.

Being asked about a memorable experience where he went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, he feels some of the games are so hard to find top up ways but he and his team tried to play that game and figure out the way to top up, that was his early stage achievement in solving customers’ issues. Besides, Puthinan thinks that providing accurate information and politeness and friendly tone is the key to maintaining a positive attitude when dealing with challenging customer situations, especially during busy or high-stress periods.

Apart from that, Puthinan mentioned that there was a small gesture on his part that had a surprisingly significant impact on a customer’s experience where some of the customers are clueless about top up and online goods purchase. Puthinan thinks this is his responsibility to address customers’ doubts even though he is not a gamer. To solve this issue, Puthinan takes extra effort to download the game, test and try many times until he can finally provide the customer with correct information. The customer is very happy and has been a regular buyer of SEAGM’s products from then until now. Through this, Puthinan learnt that a loyal customer is gained with excellent customer service. This taught him to always treat customers with the best service. While reflecting on Puthinan’s 9 years of service, it sounds like a long journey, but for him, he’s so excited to learn new things, new experiences from this job. 

Last but not least, Puthinan has a piece of advice from his 9 years journey of being a customer service officer to the juniors who are starting their career in customer service field. ‘’Approach your work with the genuine intention of delivering humble and sincere service, and everything will flow smoothly behind.’’

That was Puthinan’s nine years of dedication and cheers to many more moments of outstanding customer care ahead! 

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