SEAGM Q3 Team Bonding 2023

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SEAGM‘s Quarter 3 Team Bonding event was nothing short of exceptional.  This special occasion was held on 14th September, employees from various departments including our KL branch members came together for a memorable evening filled with camaraderie and recognition. The event kicked off with an Eye Care Sharing by an optometrist from Iris Optometry Sitiawan, underscoring the importance of eye care.

After that, the jersey designs from the team bonding activity which took place before the event were presented and of course, the result was astounding and impressed everyone. SEAGM’s graphic designer worked tirelessly to combine ideas from every department, resulting in a design that truly embodied the spirit of SEAGM. The design was then printed and made official as SEAGM jersey. It was indeed an opportunity for creativity to shine and teamwork to flourish among SEAGM team members.


The event also featured a motivating speech that set the tone for the upcoming corporate initiatives from our respected CEO.  Additionally, the Employee Appreciation Awards were given based on employees’ nominations and voting before the event, showcasing the company’s commitment to recognize outstanding contributions. SEAGM recognizes and celebrates the achievements and contributions of its employees by presenting a variety of prestigious awards. These awards included the “Rookie of the Year, Integrity Award, You Made a Difference Award, Best Team Player Award, and Service Excellence Award”. Well-deserving individuals who truly excelled in their respective roles within the organization received these awards. Read more about SEAGM Employee Appreciation Award at:

Last but not least, the evening concluded with a delightful dinner, fostering connections and conversations among colleagues. Our China and Thailand team also have their bonding time in their respective regions who had some bonding activities and delicious meals. These activities strengthened connections and enabled all the SEAGM team members to stay engaged and connected through shared pictures and experiences, despite the physical distance.

To conclude, SEAGM’s Q3 Team Bonding 2023 event not only celebrated achievements but also strengthened the bonds that made the company a tight-knit family. This evening of unity and recognition will undoubtedly be remembered fondly by all who attended. SEAGM genuinely believes that this team bonding event has created meaningful experiences for all participants. We eagerly anticipate planning similar gatherings in the future, offering employees another chance to connect, gain insights, and progress as a team in the upcoming quarters.

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