SEAGM Honouring 10 Years of Commitment and Excellence of Yee Kok Leong

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Meet Yee Kok Leong, a dedicated Senior Customer Support Associate hailing from SEAGM Kaleoz Department. Kok Leong’s journey with SEAGM commenced in the In-Game Marketing Department when one of his family members encouraged him to try the opportunity. Over an incredible 10 years, he has embraced the challenges of his role with never ending enthusiasm. Let’s delve into his experience, motivations, and the unique elements that keep him consistently motivated day after day!

What sets SEAGM apart and makes my work exciting are the clear goals we establish, the wonderful friendships I have with my coworkers, and the positive aspects the company provides. Alongside the chance to meet our objectives within a supportive team, I’ve enjoyed different perks. For instance, the Team Bonding initiative has given me the opportunity to take part in the activities that bring our team closer together. “ says Kok Leong. SEAGM prioritizes the well-being of the employees, and thus team bonding activities will be organized every quarter to maintain team cohesion with a great deal of excitement.

Reflecting on his time at SEAGM, he has seen significant growth in his self development. SEAGM’s dedication to providing diverse training programs has equipped him with a range of new skills and knowledge, resulting in personal and professional development that he deeply appreciates. He also mentioned that one thing he really likes among all the perks and benefits SEAGM gives is the fun team activities. “These events aren’t just for having a good time – they also help make his friendships with coworkers stronger and make work less stressful.” he added.

Looking ahead to the future, he envisions himself continuing to ascend within SEAGM. His aspiration is to play a really important role in the company’s continued success by consistently delivering outstanding results and helping everyone grow together on this journey.

Let us cheer and congratulate Kok Leong on his more than a decade of success with SEAGM!

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