FIFA World Cup 2022 Fever with Roblox!

by Patrick Mark
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Users of Roblox FIFA World can participate in shooting competitions and take on numerous challenges on the map to gain coins from activities with a football theme. Players can buy a variety of gadgets and items with the coins to enhance their time in the FIFA World universe.

Along with fun activities to part take in, players can also complete quest in order to unlock jerseys of their favourite teams! On top of that, players are also able to unlock the virtual La’eeb, who is the official mascot for the Fifa World Cup 2022 Qatar.

It is adorable and it is really easy to obtain, players will have to open 30 sticker packs! Each pack costs 250 coins and players can earn 1 pack every 10 minutes. So there are 2 ways you can go to unlock the virtual La’eeb. You can either AFK and wait till you’ve accumulated enough to open 30 sticker packs, or you can grind and earn coins by playing the football theme activities to buy them!

Tis only the beginning of the Fifa World Cup 2022 season so who knows what other surprises could be waiting. Stay tuned for

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