FFXIV: How to unlock Kojin Beast Tribe quests

by Sammy Chan
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If you’re wondering how to unlock Kojin Beast tribe quests, fret no as they are the easiest to unlock in Stormblood! Chances are, you’ll probably have unlocked it already if you’ve done the MSQ. However, if for some reasons you find that you don’t have them unlocked, we’re here to help.
If you’re doing this on your first character, you will need a Disciple of War at least at level 63 but you only need to be level 60 to do the beast tribe dailies. When you’re leveling something above level 60 it’s worth doing it on that class for a little bit of extra EXP. But we all know no one cares about the EXP, we’re all in it for the Ninja Turtles glamour.
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If you do your dailies every day, it should take you about a week to reach Bloodsworn reputation.
First, teleport to the Tamamizu Aetheryte in the Ruby Sea and we can get started.

To The Ruby Sea!

After you unlock flying in the Ruby Sea, which will require you to do the main story quest

  • Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out (X 6.2, Y 12.3)

This will unlock a bunch of side quests but the one you really want is:

  • Heaven-sent (X 6.8, Y 13.3)

And that’s it! Yes. It’s really that easy.

Rank-up Quests:

  • Under Wraps (x29.4,y16.5)
  • The Value of Silence (x29.4,y16.5)
  • Misdelivered (x29.4,y16.5)
  • A Test of Courage (x29.4,y16.5)
  • True-blue (x29.4,y16.5)


Tier: Friendly
Zekki Grouper – 1 Sango
Amberjack – 1 Sango
Venture – 1 Sango
Tier: Trusted
Ruby Cotton Cloth – 3 Sango
Gyuki Leather – 3 Sango
Tier: Respected
Wind-up Kojin – 5 Sango
Tier: Honored
Stuffed Kojin – 3 Sango
Indomitable Orchestrion Roll – 3 Sango

Tier: Sworn
Kabuto of the Blue – 9 Sango
Oyoroi of the Blue – 9 Sango
Kote of the Blue – 4 Sango
Tsutsu-hakama of the Blue – 4 Sango
Sune-ate of the Blue – 4 Sango
Tier: Bloodsworn
Heathen Gestures – 3 Sango
Striped Ray Conch – 12 Sango

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