What to do if your Genshin account got hacked?

by Aoi Hikari
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Did your Genshin account got hacked and you do not know what to do? Imagine spending your money and time grinding to get the best out of your favorite character to suddenly not being able to open your account. These cases are quite common to Genshin players worldwide. Before it happens here are some of the prevention measures that you can do.

What to do if your Genshin account got hacked

1. Do not show your UID

This is very important as pro hackers can just hack your account just by knowing your UID, make sure that if you post content about your account on social media such as Facebook you censored or hide your UID.

2. Bind your account

Make sure that your Hoyoverse account is linked with your Gmail and phone number to be safe.
This is to ensure that any attempt for a hacker to change your Hoyoverse password has to go through your email and phone number first.

3. Beware of a suspicious website

Hackers nowadays bait users into going into their website by using your Genshin account. This website usually offers things such as primogems and other in-game items to attract people.

Well if the worst scenario happens,  SEAGM has a few tips to help retrieve your account from hackers with a comprehensive step-by-step guide; 

1.The first step you need to do is email your problem to genshin_cs@hoyoverse.comand and state your problem.
2.You will receive an email asking all these questions, make sure that you answer correctly and provide enough information to retrieve your account easier.

i. The UID of the account you want to regain access or have the issue with.
ii. The username linked to the account.
iii. Your last linked email address to the account.
iv. Any 3rd party accounts linked to the account (Google, Game Center, Apple, Twitter, Facebook or Sony).
v. The last time you logged into the account.
vi. Detailed description of your problem.
vii. If you have submitted [Hoyoverse Account Issue Application Form], provide the corresponding Case No so the team can check further, If no please write “No”.

3.Hoyoverse will email you again and ask for clarification of email of the current Genshin account. If the stated email is not yours , then you should say no so they can continue forward.
4. Hoyoverse will then send you a confidential form to fill in ask as questions such as your first date playing, your first device playing , device specifications, and your first in-game purchases.
Make sure to fill in all the details that you know while playing your account to get higher chances of retrieving back!
5. In the form they will ask you to put in a new email, make sure that this new email is not linked to any Hoyoverse account otherwise your application will be rejected.
6. Wait for the reply usually the process will roughly take around one week and even sometimes more than a month depending on your luck.
Successful retrieval will get an email like this ;

Dear Player,

We are happy to inform you that the issue(s) mentioned in your HoYoverse Account Issue Application Form (Case No. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) has been resolved. Your account is now successfully retrieved, with its previously linked third-party account and mobile number information removed. Your account is now linked to:

With all these steps SEAGM hopes that you can get back your account and continue building your waifus and husbandos in Genshin! For more info on Genshin Impact just visit SEAGM News.

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