Where and How to Purchase Revelation Mobile Jade in South East Asia Servers

by Aoi Hikari
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The Adventurers’ Guild invites you: Are you ready to embark on a brand new adventure? You can get cheap Revelation Mobile Jade at SEAGM! 

What is Revelation Mobile?

“Revelation: Infinite Journey” is a MMORPG video game developed by NetEase Games. The game features a vast open world that players can explore, and various quests and missions to complete. Players can also engage in player-versus-player (PVP) combat, either individually or as part of a guild.

Currencies in Revelation Mobile

The Divine Jade will prove to be an invaluable tool that you will come across frequently as you set out on your trip in Revelation: Infinite Journey.

Revelation: Infinite Journey redeem codes

Sadly, Revelation: Infinite Journey does not currently have any redemption codes that are active. As soon as fresh codes are made available, we’ll update this section. In the future, keep in mind to periodically check this area because it is quite likely that they may stop working soon after being live. Hence, act quickly and input the codes as soon as they appear.



You can, however, top up and reload Revelation: Infinite Journey Jade from SEAGM.

How to Top up

Step 1: Register or log in to SEAGMthen on the top right side of the page, search “Revelation Mobile

Step 2: Select Revelation Mobile [your preferred country]” and choose the preferred amount of jade/pack/card [s]. After choosing, kindly enter the Role ID and click “Buy Now” to proceed.

Revelation Mobile Jade

Step 3: Kindly confirm the jade/pack/card[s] amount then click on “Pay Now”.

Revelation Mobile Jade

Step 4: Pick your desired payment method and click “Pay Now” to complete your payment.

Revelation Mobile Jade

Step 5: Once payment is completed, you may view your order status, under “My Orders“.

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