FFXIV: Letter from the Producer XLV details

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Letter from the Producer XLV has just ended and we’ve summarized some of the important details here for you! Patch Patch 4.36 featuring a new section of Eureka, Pagos, is set to arrive on August 7. Simultaneously, the Monster Hunter x FFXIV crossover event will start on the same day too. In this article, we will highlight some game-changing details from Letter from the Producer XLV. If you’re only interested in the Monster Hunter World event, check out the details over here instead.

Pagos Expedition

Pagos Expedition is due for a makeover! The new map will feature snowy terrains plus a new look for your weapons.
Black mages get a sneak peek of their new relic weapon, this is not even in its final form. Bless the fact that Yoshida is a BLM main. The rest of the weapons wasn’t shown but Yoshida mentioned that PLD’s relic looks a little plain without the glow.

Screengrab via Twitch live stream


FFXIV Companion app

The app is in its final phases of development. You can expect the app to hit the Google Play Store and App Store any day now. The app will let you chat with your friends on your phone. This works with LS, FC chat and even /tell. Though, don’t we already have Discord for that? Just look at the amount of FFXIV servers there are out there. The chat function might seem a little pointless but rest assure, the other functions are pretty good.
With the FFXIV Companion app, players will be able to access their inventory and retainer’s inventory while on the go. The app is free, however, it has paid features. For example, there’s a premium service you can subscribe to that will grant you an extra retainer. Besides that, the app uses Kupo Nuts as currency. Logging in daily will net you one single Nut. Kupo Nuts can be used to purchase items off the market board.

The FEAST regional championship 2018:

The championships will be held at all three Fan Festival 2018. That includes NA, EU, and JP. The PvP team preliminaries are currently underway and the semis will decide the champions in each data center. If you’re good enough, you’ll be invited to the regional finals in Fan Festival. Best part? Square Enix will cover your travel, lodging and Fan Festival ticket.

Patch 4.4 (Mid September)

From this point onwards we’ll be listing down everything you can expect in Patch 4.4, Prelude in Violet. The patch is set to drop somewhere in the middle of September. As always with new patches, new MSQ quests will be unlocked. Here are the rest of the stuff:
New side story quests:

  • The Four Lords
  • Hildibrand

Patch 4.45:

New Sidequest:

  • Doman Reconstruction

Two new dungeons:

  • The Burn (Tentative) – this one is definitely tied to the main story quest.
  • Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)

Image via FFXIV

New Trial:

The new trial is going to be the second boss of the Four Lords – Suzaku.

New Raids:

Alphascape Savage – Yes, for some reasons it’s not called Omegascape. Because according to Yoshida, it’s sound “ultra-weird”
Also, for this raid tier, Role Action slots will increase up to 10.
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PVP Updates:

You can now include “Timed Attacks” in quick chat so you can group up with your teammates and burst targets.

A third installment of Pagos:

The new region will be added to the map. No, it does not have snow.
In this form of your relic weapons will have the “Logos System.” This system will defer depending on your role. For example, as a DPS, your weapons can have actions that allow you to build threat and be a tank. This carries forward to the 4th series of the relic weapons.

Lost Canals of Uznair:

New dungeons will be added. What they mean by this is that the dungeons you enter will be randomized with each door you pass through in the chamber.

Gathering and Crafting

  • New recipes
  • New fishing holes in the Doman enclave.
  • Zhloe Aliapo Rewards adjustment. (Probably to help her stay relevant with Kurenai in the picture.)

Grand Company Updates:

  • New rank – Captain rank
  • New command missions for your squadrons. You will need to do this to unlock captain rank.

Housing Updates:

Mannequin Indoor furnishings to be added. Gear equipped to mannequins can be linked to the market board and put up for sale as a bundle.
You can now set your house to “Roleplaying” mode. Yes. It has finally happened.

Gold Saucer Updates:

New GATE added. They’ve turned the landmarks into jump puzzles.

Image via FFXIV

Eternal Bond Updates:

  • New Ceremony choices.
  • Anniversary Ceremony where you can reenact the ceremony you had during the Eternal Bonding. Sort of a renewing of vows.

Gpose Updates:

  • Minion actions
  • Player walking/running motions added.
  • Weather setting added.
  • New screen effects

Additional Updates:

  • New Allagan Tomestone
  • Crystal Tower requirements revised
  • Duty recorder update
  • The Unending Journey Features Expanded
  • Configuration Data now saved to the server (No more copying and pasting your configuration file from your PC to your laptop)

What happened to the NA Fanfest Tickets

Foxflon explained what happened to the NA Fanfest tickets.

“So, actually, because so many people rushing into the queue the ticket system at our partner was getting very unstable. There was a risk of crashing the whole queue, to avoid that the partner disabled the code input requirement for approximately 500 people”
“So, because it is a fact that some people could purchase tickets and then we see some comments about not needing the code, that is what happened. But it was already 500 something people, and we checked these purchases and we could NOT find any proof ineligible purchases. In any case, this should not happen.”
“But ultimately, we understand we have demand for more tickets. The current number is not enough. Not happening yet, but if we are going to plan the next one, we should consider a larger capacity for that.”
“So for example, the FF ticket sales in Japan are using the Lottery system, but for NA and EU it’s first-come-first-served. So, in that case, we also need to revisit what is the most suitable method for tickets” – Transcribed by ‘Hezkezl’ from the FFXIV Reddit discord.
From the transcription, it seems they’re not planning on releasing any more tickets for NA fanfest 2018. However, the team will be working on a more effective way of distributing tickets for future events. And possibly increase the capacity for the next fanfest so that more people can have the chance to attend.

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