What is the best class in Ragnarok Origin? | SEAGM will guide you through

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What is the best class in Ragnarok Origin? | SEAGM will guide you through

Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin is one of the famous MMORPG Online games which will open on the SEA server soon. With 6,000,000 Pre-Registrations achieved this week so far made Ragnarok Origin become one of the most wanted play games during this time. Ragnarok Online is the classic and the first-ever MMORPG game in the game industry. There were many communities that appeared from this game such as Ragnarok Online Cosplayer contest, Ragnarok Online Guild war event, internet café packed with Ragnarok gamers with the same guild or party. This made the game phenomenal during that era. Not only can the player enjoy Ragnarok Online on PC but nowadays they can play Ragnarok from their smartphones wherever they want to enjoy the game. Even though there are many spinoffs (Ragnarok X Next Generation, Ragnarok Begin, and more)  from the game, but Ragnarok Origin gains the trust from gamers that it is similar to the classic. 

Ragnarok Origin

One of the most fascinating systems that made it so popular is the player can choose their own job or class. Players can select the job they desire after completing the basic level of Novice class and later can choose from the 6 jobs/class. Ragnarok Origin (ROO) has 6 jobs and this job can upgrade to another interesting class/job in the future. 

RagnarokOrigin Class


Ragnarok Origin Class

The Swordman class is strong both offensively and defensively. They conquer the battlefield and provide protection for teammates. This class is easy to play however, you need to take some time to make a powerful build. We can compare this job to Asuna or Kirito from Sword Art Online (SAO) and other MC in Japanese anime. This job doesn’t have group attack skills so you should choose well. For the 2nd class, player can choose Knight which can ride Pekopeko or Crusader which has holy and tank skills.


Ragnarok Origin Class

With insight into all the elements that exist in the world, the Mage studies the attributes and characteristics of monsters and helps allies using their high intellectual abilities and knowledge. Even though this class can learn all the elements that exist in the game, however, the player needs to choose which element needs to play because of the skill point limitation. Available options are either lightning and ice or fire and thunder. From our point of view, this class is one of the most complicated job to play. Mage can have high magic attack status but lack in defensive and need time to cast spells. It will be a good choice to explore the dungeon with your friends or find a party to raise your level.  Mage can advance class to Wizard which has a higher magic skill than Sage. Even though Sage class doesn’t have the offensive abilities of a Wizard, the advantage is they have more buff version of Mage with their Free Casting.


Ragnarok Origin Class

Acolyte Class are well known as the most powerful support class and gives a great buff to their ally. They serve to help companions with holy, heal to amplify the allies’ abilities. If you wish to become Acolyte in this game, you still can attack monsters. Just need to choose your weapon and build wisely. UNDEAD and DEMON monster’s type are the easiest to kill for this class. To level up faster, just AFK or kill these types of monsters. Even though, this class is powerful in healing, do equip your armor, and accessories to enhance your defense. For 2nd class, you can choose between Priest which is similar to the Acolyte but more powerful. Or, you can choose MONK  and become a badass Monk(Fighter) like the one from Dr. Strange or a Chinese monk with inner strength.


Ragnarok Origin Class

One of the famous jobs in this game that many players love to choose is Thief. Even though thief may not be powerful for intense combat, their strength relies on dexterity and fast movement skills that can cause disruption to enemies. Thief can use a variety of weapons. Compared to a Swordsman, these 2 jobs are different in build and speed status so it is up to you which role-playing to choose. Thief can advance to Assassin or Rouge. Assassin: Mainly player kill-oriented. Rouge: Still one the best classes to use recall (Link + Chase walk). And very diverse(ie. DexVit Caster Stalker).


Ragnarok Origin Class

One of the hit and most preferred jobs and easy to play is Archer’s class. We do understand why. Archer’s built strength is on the high accuracy rate through excellent dexterity. They have a great ability in fire attributes and can battle from afar. Whether as a solo archer or playing in a team, you can survive in this game without a teammate. One of the strengths is archer can select the arrow elements before exploring the dungeon, battle with monsters. So, this class has the advantage if you know the monster’s element/ attributes before the battle. The next 2nd job is a Hunter, which can hire Falcon as a fighting buddy, or can choose Dancer/ Bard that has the buff skill which can help the party by just changing the weapon to whip or music instrument.


Ragnarok Origin Class

Last but not least, Merchant class or we can call it the only class you can become an in-game millionaire. Whoever chooses Merchant can open the shop at a better price. Their utility skills such as Pushcart to hold loot and Item Appraisal to identify items make them useful companions in battle. Merchants are able to equip most of the game’s heavy armor and melee weapons, allowing powerful defence and attack. As such, they are formidable against the strongest monsters. Merchant can become Blacksmith who can work with different metals to make and repair decorative, industrial, and everyday items. or Alchemist class which optimizes Potion Creation and Homunculus, as well as various other potion-related skills.

These are all the 6 classes that player/ adventurer can choose when it’s time of open beta SEA is open to playing. No matter which class you choose, just enjoy the journey to becoming stronger and continue advancing with your team by upgrading, and refining your equipment, weapon, and build. 

To level up faster, and become the strongest adventurer, you can use Nyan Berry. Nyan berry is the in-game currency for Ragnarok Origin. You can use Nyan Berry to buy Discounted Packs in RO Shop. In this ‘Discounted Packs’, it sells RO Commemorative Gift Box and refinement items. These refinement items are used to refine your equipment: weapon, armor, and accessories. Besides, Nyan Berry also can be used to buy ‘Appearances’. In the RO Shop, ‘Appearances’ section, you can buy cosmetics such as headgear, and costumes to help increase your stats. And yes, it’s most highly used in Gacha ‘Wishing’ during the event period to obtain limited time costumes, accessories, and exclusive event items.

  • Players can draw using nyan berry
  • Draw 1 = x120 nyan berry
  • Draw x10 = x1200 nyan berry

And to increase your level experience & growth character, you can purchase KAFRA VIP  monthly for $7.99.

To obtain this Nyan Berry, you can buy it in the RO Shop or you can use a trusted and reliable third-party payment channel. Here, in SEAGM, we provide Nyan berry to adventurers with easy steps and instant top-up direct to your account ID. More savings, and great deals when you buy Nyan Berry at SEAGM!

Adventurers, don’t forget to ENJOY YOUR ROO journey while keeping your fighting spirit ALIVE!

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