Before You Buy Hogwarts Legacy

by Bradley Tan
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If you’re a Potterhead like us, Hogwarts Legacy is definitely a game that may interest you. But, before you buy the game, here’s what you need to know.

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What Is Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy may be set in the Pottervese as well as the Wizarding lore, however, it doesn’t adapt from the books or movies, so don’t worry if you missed out on any existing content. In fact, the game is set in the late 1800s, before the events of both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.

Hogwarts Legacy Tour The Castle Hogwarts Legacy Beasts

Apart from that, it’s a game that aims to take you to the Wizarding World and makes you feel like you’re part of the game, something like Genshin Impact, Mass Effect or Cyberpunk 2077, where you can experience and explore places and scenes you’ve enjoyed from the Harry Potter stories.

The game is set to release on 10 February (early access on 7 Feb).

Special Features

You get to customize your character and choose your house, whether it’s Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff (we’re low-key Hufflepuff).

Step-by-step with the classes you take at Hogwarts, you’ll grow your magical abilities as well as growing your abilities to brew potions, master spells and even tame some of your favourite fantastic beasts, and you’ll probably know where to find them once you get the hang of things. *winks*

Hogwarts Legacy PotionThere’s also no morality system, so you can either be as holy and great as Snape or as evil and gangsta like Voldemort… with a nose of course. In fact, you’ll be able to learn some of the most forbidden magic when you arrive at Hogwarts. (but since it’s an Open-World RPG, we think you’ll have to deal with some of the consequences along the way.

Hogwarts Legacy Wallpaper

Who Should Get Hogwarts Legacy?

It goes without saying that if you’re a Potterhead. On paper, the game seems to be marking a lot of the boxes, from being an open-world, customizable character and a lore set before our beloved Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series.

If you’re a fan of God of War (2018) and Ragnarok, Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, Dragon Age, Elden Ring, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Final Fantaxy XV and more, then this game is definitely one that you should check out.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S and One, Nintendo Switch and PC (though we definitely recommend you to play it on either PlayStation or PC – if you have a good rig).

Pre-Order Exclusives

Some of the Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Order Exclusive items you’ll get are…

Standard EditionDeluxe Edition
Onyx Hippogriff72 Hours Early Access To The Game
Felix Felicis Potion RecipeOnyx Hippogriff
Haunted Hogsmeade Shop QuestFelix Felicis Potion Recipe
Base GameHaunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest
Dark Arts Garrison Hat

(Dark Arts Pack)
-Thestral Mount
-Dark Arts Cosmetic Set
-Dark Arts Battle Arena
Base Game


Onyx Hippogriff Mount

Hogwarts Legacy Digital Deluxe Pre Order

Digital Deluxe Exclusive Pre-Order Items

Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Pre Order

Deluxe Exclusive Pre-Order Items

PlayStation 5 Price Of Hogwarts Legacy In Different Currencies

MalaysiaRM 306RM 371
United StatesUSD 69.99USD 79.99
Hong KongHK$ 548HK$ 628
SingaporeSGD 100.43SGD 119.71
IndiaRs 4,399Rs 5,299

How to Get

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Are you hyped for Hogwarts Legacy or Nah? What is your thought so far?

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