How to play Arlott MLBB

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How to play Arlott on MLBB? A few days ago, Moonton added Arlott to the new hero lineup in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The brand-new Hero is categorised as a fighter type who prioritises doing physical damage to opponents. In addition, while also possesses a few crowd-control abilities.

Who is Arlott?

Arlott is a demon-human hybrid hero in Mobile Legends, wielding two lances and seeking revenge against both the Church and demons. He was saved by a human girl named Mira, which changed his views on humans. However, the Church of Light executed Mira for heresy. This leads Arlott to exact revenge by slaughtering every member of the Church.

Arlott guide MLBB

How to play Arlott?

Arlott Guide MLBB

Here SEAGM wants to give some tips on how to play Arlott. Arlott guides MLBB, we will explain the important things that you should know.  The first thing to note is that Arlott is a fighter-type Hero. Therefore,  having good teammates around him will ensure your team’s success on the battlefield.

Passive – Demon’s Gaze

Every 10 seconds, Arlott will mark a close adversary. When Arlott uses his second ability, “Vengeance,” against a targeted enemy, his strikes are certain to land a critical hit. It is impossible to mark enemies who are concealed by a shrub or who are invisible until they are discovered.


Dauntless Strike

Arlott uses his lance to make directional assaults that cause physical damage while marking and slowing any enemy he hits. When an enemy is hit in the inner section, they are temporarily stunned. However, those attacked in the outside part are temporarily stunned for a longer period of time.


Arlott sprints toward the chosen direction, doing physical harm. Marked foes will always take critical hits, and vengeance cooldown will be immediately reset.

Final Slash

This skill sounds like Vegeta’s final flash but it’s not. In this skill Arlott swings his spear, driving foes to his right side while dealing physical harm to them. Hit enemies will also be noted.

To wrap up these are all Arlott guides MLBB that you can use. Arlott is a fun character to play and his sad background makes it more worth building him properly. Worry about not getting enough money to get diamonds in MLBB? Don’t worry SEAGM got your back! Purchase cheap diamonds here.


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