Armaggeddon Raven III Gaming Mouse Review

by Sammy Chan

The mouse is pretty much your extended arm when it comes to controlling movement on the computer. Having a decent mouse is vital to ensuring your success in a game, no doubt. It won’t make you a better player but it will save you from having hand cramps when you game for long hours so investing in a proper gaming mouse is definitely important. Today, we’ll be checking out the Armaggeddon Raven III gaming mouse in this review! I’ve been using this mouse for a full week now in playing various games plus general browsing. Let’s get started on the review.

The general things

So before we get into talking about what I like (or don’t about the mouse). Let’s briefly set out the specs and features first. Apart from the usual left mouse button, right mouse button, and middle mouse button, the mouse is equipped with three more macro-able keys. So that’s a total of five. There are two buttons on the left side and one behind the middle mouse button. The Raven III is also an RGB mouse made from Huano switch. Using the Armaggeddon 814 optical software, the mouse boasts optimized gaming sensor and up to 4800 DPI. It’s not specified on the package but the way the buttons are built, I would personally consider this mouse ambidextrous.
In terms of the RBG, you can set which mode you want and you can choose from three different modes in the downloadable software. Pick from fixed, cyclic or static to make the light match your build if you’re super into RGB. Here’s a look at my red and black build in the dark!
armaggeddon raven iii review

In my hand

Now before I get appropriately get into how much I enjoy a firm grip, let’s talk about grip. When it comes to picking a mouse, first, figure out which way of holding the mouse works best for you. The top three most common grips are claw, palm, and fingertips. Here’s an image to demonstrate:

armaggeddon raven iii review

L to R: Palm, Claw, Fingertips (Image via Tom’s Guide)

I’m mostly a claw grip user and if you happen to be one, I’m glad to report that the Raven III fits well in your hand. For gaming, the claw is highly favored, personally but when I’m just browsing the internet, I do alternate between palm and fingertips. The Raven III comes in such a size that it fits with all three grip style so if you’re into a specific grip, you don’t have to worry too much about picking this mouse up.
Now let’s talk about the Huano switch that this mouse is made of. Just like a mechanical keyboard, there are various switches used in a mouse that offers a different experience to the user. I’ll try to give a brief explanation as to what it is. The most common switches are there are Omron and Huano. Huano switches will feel stiffer when you click whereas Omron switches are softer. Since Huano switches are stiffer, this makes them more tactical hence they do better in FPS games. Omron switches are softer and this means they are spammable, making it suitable for MOBA and RTS games. But really, if you’re not going pro, it doesn’t make that big of a difference. I play both Overwatch and Leauge of Legends with this mouse it works just fine for both.

Thoughts on the Raven III

armaggeddon raven iii review

Image via Armaggeddon

So there are several things I enjoy about this mouse but of course, there are some gripes too. I personally like the size and the way it’s built. It fits really well in my hand and the placement of all the buttons are good and that’s for sure a plus. With the middle button separating the left and right mouse button, there has been no issue with mis-clicking. I’ve had an issue with the SteelSeries Rival 100 and Rival 300 where the buttons would overlap each other due to the fact that there’s no gap in between them. However, this won’t be a problem on the Raven III since the middle button separates the left and right. I’ve not had a problem where the left was acting like the right and vice versa.
The macro buttons on both sides are placed conveniently and you’ll usually find your thumb resting beneath it. There hasn’t been an issue of accidental clicking and again, that’s a win. Design-wise, it’s rather decent looking but since it only comes in black, after a while you might find marks of your sticky, sweaty fingers ‘burnt’ into the buttons. So do remember to give it a wipe down often. Oh and, you can switch DPI easily with the extra button behind the middle mouse button and I love that. I tend to use higher DPI when I played MOBA but when I switch to just browsing or playing FPS games, I could easily just lower it with an easily accessed click.


armaggeddon raven iii review

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Though I did have one problem where the software didn’t really function well when it comes to changing color. The interface is a little confusing. It doesn’t seem to display the color I want as I wanted my mouse to be in static red to match my keyboard. Hopefully they fix this soon but all in all, this is a minor problem and it doesn’t affect the functionality of the mouse.
Overall I like the Raven III a lot especially since, for a gaming mouse, the price tag isn’t too heavy and that’s definitely awesome. I would really recommend the Raven III as a starter mouse if you’re looking to finally replace that crappy $5 mouse. Heck, even if it’s to replace a premium product it’s worth it. It works with PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 (I play Final Fantasy XIV on it).
Shout outs to Armaggeddon for sponsoring this review unit! I must say it came at a great time since my previous mouse was breaking. Having used the Razer Taipan for two years, I must commend the Raven III for being such a great adversary to its predecessor on top of having a way more affordable price tag. Give this mouse a chance, it’s a great fit for everyday gaming! I give it a solid 9/10, would be a 10/10 once they fix the software. Get it from their e-store here!

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