The ASUS TwinDock will up your streaming level!

by Sammy Chan
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ASUS’s very own ultimate gaming smartphone will be launching in Malaysia this coming October 22, 2018. The ROG Phone will come with two storage options which are the 128GB and the 512GB. All you gamers out there better get your wallets ready as this thing is packing a wallop. The ROG Phone has a lot of interesting features to offer gamers, one, in particular, is the ASUS Twindock.

ASUS Twindock for gamers and streamers

The awesome part of the ROG Phone is that it comes along with quite a few accessories. The ASUS Twindock is one of the accessories included which is technically a secondary screen for the phone. Packed into it is an additional stereo speaker, extra buttons, enhanced cooling and also a built-in 6,000 mAh battery. You could say that it’s the ultimate smartphone companion.

asus twindock

Screengrab via ASUS Twitter

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gamer, streamer, or even a 9-5 office worker. A wide range of users would benefit from the ASUS Twindock. For Gamers, it can act as a secondary screen just to view guides and walkthroughs. Well heck, if you are hardcore enough, you can play two games at a time. Most popular games nowadays put emphasis on an autoplay feature anyways. Additionally, accessing communication applications like Discord while in-game is much more accessible. Having the ASUS Twindock allows a much more convenient method of relaying messages while they are gaming.
On the other hand, for streamers, it would make life much easier to stream on mobile. They can view their streaming channel such as Twitch from there and interact appropriately. It’s somewhat a similar situation with most PC streamers, where they utilize two or more screens for convenience.
As previously stated, the ASUS Twindock has additional buttons on it. This can act as your left and right trigger buttons. This undeniably provides for an extra competitive edge in games like PUBGM and Rules of Survival.

The ROG Phone TwinDock Specs

6-inch (2160 by 1080) AMOLED display
With ASUS Tru2Life Technology
Capacitive touch panel with 10 points multi-touch (support glove touch)

◆Speakers:Dual speaker with Qualcomm smart amplifier

◆Haptic vibrator:2 x Haptic vibrator

◆Interface:Customized connector (48 Pin) attached to ROG Phone

◆I/O port:1 x USB 3.0 Type-C connector
3.5mm audio jack
SD slot (support SDXC UHS-I)

◆LED:AURA RGB support

◆Power indicator on station (color: R/G)

◆Button:2 x Upper side button , Power button on station

◆Battery pack & life:6000mAh,Station charge to ROG Phone only.

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