How Good Is The Legion Phone Duel 2? | Review

by Bradley Tan
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When it comes to gaming smartphones, there’s only a few where we can call a TRUE gaming smartphone. One of them is the Legion Phone Duel 2. It is what you call a TRUE, Ultimate gaming phone.

One of the main reasons why we enjoyed our experience with the phone is because of its solid build. Although it does have some weight to the phone compared to standard smartphones, its performance speaks for itself.

Some of the best features on the phone include the built-in twin-turbo cooling system, the octa-trigger points and the 44MP motorized front-facing pop-up camera. The front-facing camera is located in the middle of the phone, making it easier for streamers to stream their gameplay without accidentally blocking the camera with their thumbs.

The phone is so powerful, not only does it come with not one but dual 2750mAh batteries which is a total of 5500mAh.

Check out our FULL review on the Legion Phone Duel 2.

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