Alcatroz X-Craft HP-5 Pro Review

by Sammy Chan

If you’ve ever been looking for a 7.1 surround sound headphone, you’ll know that they usually cost a fortune. The X-Craft HP-5 Pro, however, is the exception in this case. Don’t let the affordable price fool you though, it still packs a good punch. Let’s see how this headphone fares!

X-Craft HP-5 Pro – The Build

I’ve had experience with various 7.1 headphones, the Razer Tiamat and HyperX Cloud II, to name a few and the X-Craft HP-5 Pro is definitely a headphone that I can vouch for. Despite its reasonably affordable price tag, the headphone still manages to maintain a decent audio quality.

The ear cups material are faux-leather and while they’re comfortable, they’re not the best and trapping sound. The noise cancellation is decent but if you’re listening to music on maximum volume, they will for sure leak. This usually results in the microphone picking up the leak. And if you happen to be in a voice call, the people on the other end will these as sharp static. Basically, remember to be mindful of your volume if you’re in a voice call which you will be if you’re getting this for gaming. Do note that the microphone is adjustable omnidirectionally but not detachable. Otherwise, the audio transmitted from the mic is pretty decent as long as you keep the volume down. Also, if you’re into RGB lighting, the outer part of the earcups and the tip of the microphone glows. This is configurable via the software that you can either download from their website here or by using the CD that comes with the headphone.
There’s a volume control dial behind the left earcup. The headphone feels pretty light overall and wearing it for long hours doesn’t cause any discomfort. Overall, the headphone is really comfortable to wear and the longest I’ve had it on was for 8 hours straight – no headache. Outfitted with an adjustable faux-leather headband, it sits on the head comfortably.

X-Craft HP-5 Pro – It Came From Behind

The X-Craft HP-5 Pro is rather balanced in both treble and bass. The 7.1 surround sound works well, audio coming from a different direction is easily distinguishable. This, of course, will give you an edge in gaming if you play FPS games. What edge, you ask? Having tested the headphone with games such as Fortnite BR and PUBG, I could easily tell where my enemy was if they’re close by. The sound has always been a crucial factor in gaming, especially in FPS games. Being able to determine which direction your enemy is coming from, can potentially make or break the game. Apart from just being able to tell direction, you can also distinguish distance.
The headphone also functions well when used for entertainment. The volume range is relatively high and the bass is well balanced. Listening to music and watching a movie on this headphone felt pretty lit!
The headphone works best on Windows PC due to the fact that it’s USB-based. You can use it on Mac OS as well but the software is not supported although the audio works fine. I tried it on a PlayStation 4 and the audio was warped so that’s for sure incompatible.

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X-Craft HP-5 Pro – Recommendation

Having worn this headphone for a month straight, I really enjoy using it in various ways. Besides gaming, I also use it for entertainment. The headphone also really held its own when I tested it during a voice-call interview. Both input and output of the audio were crisp and clear, works extremely well if listening to ASMR (no kidding). Besides the audio factor, the X-Craft HP-5 Pro also score big points for me when it comes to comfort. I would recommend this headphone for any FPS gamers who want to enjoy that 7.1 surround sound feature without having to fork out a big budget. Check out Alcatroz’s website here if you’re looking for a wider selection!

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Izz 28/04/2018 - 1:35 pm

What a nice review and i I’m planning to buy one right now.

Eri Gaito 28/04/2018 - 1:53 pm

Thank you for reading ! 😀

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