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by Sammy Chan
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In lieu of the Spring Sale Encore, you can now get Hacknet Deluxe free for the next 24 hours! If you’ve ever dreamt of being a professional hacker, this hacking sim lets you do exactly just that. It’s a great game and I’ve had it since it first came out and I definitely recommend grabbing this.

What is Hacknet?

This game is going to be unlike anything else you’ve played, trust me. Bit was the creator of the most invasive security system on the planet but he’s dead. So when his system fails to reconnect for 14 days, you find yourself on the receiving end of an automated email sent out by him as a failsafe he made before his passing. It is now up to you to follow his instruction to prevent Hacknet OS from falling into the wrong hands!
You will then find yourself trying to prove your capability to various hacker groups. The game features real hacking based on actual UNIX commands. It will give you one truly immersive gameplay. Despite having no hacking experience, obviously, this game was still easy to pick up. It does a good job getting players acquainted with how everything works.

get hacknet deluxe free

Image via Hacknet

Apart from the full campaign on discovering the mystery behind Bit’s death, this game also comes with full Steam Workshop support. That means you’ll get more play time beyond what the campaign offers. From system networks, new campaign, nodes, themes and music, you will definitely be getting a hell lot of play time out of this exclusive free game offer. Get it free here on Humble Bundle.


Very Positive (7, 230) – Steam
82% – Metacritic

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