Graveyard Keeper release date and alpha revealed

by Sammy Chan
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The highly anticipated comical but gruesome grave simulator, Graveyard Keeper release date has finally been revealed alongside the alpha! The charming sim will release worldwide for XBox One and PC this August 15.

Is it still too far away?

You can get access to the Alpha by pre-ordering the game. You can also opt to purchase a higher tier to show your ‘undying’ love to the devs. Doing so gets you the deluxe version of the game which also includes a soundtrack and digital artbook on PC. If you can wait, but can’t afford to support the developers by that much, you can also pre-order the basic pack, which gets you the full game on launch day. You can of course still purchase the game on launch day itself, but you have the option to support the devs in their journey beforehand should you want to.
Playing the Alpha of the game also contributes to the game in terms of feedback. Developers will be listening to player’s feedback regarding the game and fix any bugs that you may encounter.  To quote Alex Nichiporchik’s email,
“…and it’s terrifying to be pressing the “send” button on this e-mail. The Alpha contains most of the mechanics and a lot of the story, but not all of the polish and final quest structure that’s coming to the final game.”
If you’re really eager to get a taste of this game but broke like me, you can try your luck at winning a free alpha key. Like and retweet this tweet by tinyBuild and follow tinyBuild’s and LazyBearGame’s official Twitter account for a chance to win. There are only 50 Alpha keys up for grabs, so make sure you try your luck!!

Two years in the making

Graveyard Keeper has been in the making for two years. Last year, the announcement trailer released, which featured a glimpse of what looked to be a pixel-art variant of Geralt of Rivia. Not even 30 seconds in, he gets crushed by a giant boulder and we’re introduced to the REAL hero of the game, a shabby Gravekeeper. Needless to say, we were impressed by the amount of balls tinyBuild had to create the scene and eagerly look forward to further update. Rewind to just last month, we got a full on reveal trailer from tinyBuild, check it out here! We applaud tinyBuild in their progress and wish them all the best for their upcoming feedback program. Here’s to a great game! and a successful business ^.^

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