Alcatroz AirPad 1 Review

by Sammy Chan
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Having a Smart TV at home has become something quite common these days. As Smart TV goes, it usually requires some navigation to get around. Whether you’re switching between titles or simply trying to browse the web, a keyboard and mouse definitely makes the whole process easier in comparison to trying to align your remote control to the on-screen keyboard.
However, things can get a little messy and tedious when there’s wiring involve. Not to mention if you’re using a mouse, you’re going to need a surface to move it on too. This is where the Alcatroz AirPad 1 can solve that problem for you. No more worrying about the length of the wire or tripping over that wire, even.

AirPad 1 – What Makes The Pad

Upon unboxing the keyboard, you will find that it comes with two AAA batteries, a 2.4G USB receiver, a user manual and the keyboard itself. The AirPad 1 is a 2.4G keyboard that is more than just a regular keyboard. Instead of having the generic numpad on the side like a full keyboard would, the AirPad 1 actually comes with a touchpad. Turning the keyboard over you will find a sliding switch that lets you turn it on or off. Alcatroz AirPad 1 ReviewThe backside of the keyboard also has a battery slot. One nifty thing about the battery slot is that they made a smaller slot next to it that fits the UBS receiver. If you ever find yourself having to move the keyboard around, keeping the UBS receiver there is a good way to make sure it doesn’t go missing.
The keyboard is suitable for Smart TV usage but it also works for computers. I’ve also tried it on the PlayStation 4 and it works perfectly fine. However, this only applies to a game that has a chat box like Final Fantasy XIV or Monster Hunter World. Don’t go trying to play Overwatch with it on your PS4.
Coated with UV, the keypads are extremely durable. These are also silent, membrane keys and that means you won’t be getting those clicky sound that mechanical keyboards make. I’m currently writing this review with the AirPad 1 itself and the low-profile keys are soft to the touch.

AirPad 1 – Reviewing The Pad

The fact that it pairs well with both the Smart TV and my console, makes it a great addition to the living. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space since it has a built-in keypad. There is no need for me to have a mouse. Long gone are the days where I place both the keyboard and the mouse on the armrest of the sofa and accidentally knocking it over. Next, there’s also no noticeable input lag when typing on it despite being wireless. If you happen to have a Steam OS hooked up to your Smart TV, this could definitely be used for casual gaming as well. I do want to emphasize however, these are meant for entertainment purposes on a Smart TV. Naturally, it won’t feel as good as using a proper gaming keyboard. But, it’s still great for general work and entertainment usage.
If you’re solely using it for your Smart TV, the keyboard also comes with media key functions. You’ll be able to skip, pause or play without parting your rear from the couch! The media keys also include volume control so that’s definitely a plus point. This keyboard is the definition of entertainment control that fits on your lap. It’s also very light in weight so you probably won’t even feel it there.
One issue I did encounter was sometimes when I’m typing, my hand tends to accidentally brush the touchpad. This resulted in my cursor going god-knows-where. Looking up at my screen I already knew it was too late – jibberish has been written all over. Unfortunately, the keyboard does not have a touchpad lock function and that might happen from time to time if you’re using it to work.

AirPad 1 – Recommendation

This keyboard is highly recommended if you own a Smart TV and has multiple systems hooked up to it. Since it transmits off a USB receiver, you’ll have to and re-plug the receiver when switching. For example, if you were using it to watch a movie on your Smart TV, you’ll now have to swap the receiver to whichever system you want to use next. Otherwise, this light-weight keyboard is a great fit for any living room.
Looking for something that could let you switch between devices easily? Check out the Trilium BTR 1 instead. For more great products, check out Alcatroz’s website! A big thank you to them for sponsoring this unit so we could write the Alcatroz AirPad 1 review.

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