5 Reasons To Get The Creative Sound Blaster GC7

by Bradley Tan
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What is the Creative Labs Sound Blaster GC7? Well, in short, ask yourself, have you ever wondered how you can enhance the Sound fx to your favourite games? Do you have a luxurious pair of cans you want to fully utilise while you can? 

If you answer YES to all of them, here are 5 reasons why we think the Sound Blaster GC7 is made just for you… especially if you’re a gamer or streamer passionate about sound and audio:

  • The Sound Options Are Near-Endless Using The Creative Software

The Sound Blaster GC7 is a Game Streaming DAC Amp… kinda like having a more luxurious and power pack external sound card to make your audio experience for gaming sound even better than normal.

There are so many combinations that allow you to mix and match to get your desired sound. 

It includes a 7.1 virtual surround on both headphones and speakers. The Dolby Audio decoding is comparable to its Cinematic Experience. In other words, imagine going into Dolby Atmos, but in your own home.

  • Game and Voice Mix

Sound Blaster GC7 Game Voice Mix

Sound Blaster GC7 Game Voice Mix

Want to focus more on the game’s SFX than the dialogues, block out the sound of your friends’ annoying rants and toxicity while you enjoy the game? 

The Sound Blaster GC7 allows you to adjust your listening experience from Game and Voice as you wish… kinda like having a magic lamp like Aladdin but you get more than 3 wishes on your audio. You can choose to have more Game Audio or more Voice audio, your wish is the Sound Blaster GC7 command. 

  • Connectivity, Support a wide range of devices/platform

It’s super easy to connect this device to several platforms. From your phone, PC, Mac and consoles which includes PlayStation 5, 4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Sound Blaster GC7 PC (PC Connection)

Console Connection GC7 (Console Connection)

GC7 Mobile Connection (Mobile Connection)

  • Four Programmable Buttons (C1, C2 ,C3 and C4)

There are 4 buttons that you can customize or you can maintain its default buttons.

On default
C1: cycle between different sound profiles (FPS mode, Battle Royale mode and MOBA mode)
C2: turn mic monitoring on or off
C3: turn scout mode on or off
C4: output switch between headphones and speakers

SoundBlaster GC7 Buttons

Sound Blaster GC7 Buttons

– You can customize the buttons to:
a. Media control (Play/Pause, next/previous track)
b. Navigation (Launch Application/file/URL)
c. Text and emoji (input text/emoji)
d. Keystroke (trigger keystroke)

By the way, did we mention, you can also customize the RGB to your liking? Well, you can change the colour combinations to whatever you like.

Moreover, each time you click to toggle the switches between the channels, the LED light will help you indicate which channel you’ve switched to.

  • Scout Mode

Scout Mode is one of the creative trademark sound modes for the Creative Labs Sound Blaster GC7 DAC. In a way, it’s like a secret legal cheat code that your enemies won’t know.

Now, why do we say that it’s a cheat? Well, for one, it focuses on detection through enhanced audio cues. For instance, it helps you to clearly identify where your enemies are and how far they may seem.

It helps to highlight in-game detail with precision, it’s like if you have glasses for your ears. The Sound Blaster GC7’s Scout Mode helps you bring the cues right to your ears.

Sound Blaster GC7 Scout Mode

Sound Blaster GC7 Scout Mode


Sound Blaster GC7 Specs:

Ports inc:
– 3.5mm audio jack (Headphones, Mic, Line out, Line in)
– USB-C (Power and PC)
– Optical line/out (Console)

Switches, knobs and buttons:
The 2 Big knob feels really good and smooth
– 1 knob is for volume
– 1 knob is for mixing game and voice audio (I love this shit)
– The middle knob lets you control the
d.Mic volume
e.Super x-fi

– Four quick select buttons (C1, C2, C3 and C4)- these four buttons can be customised to your liking thru the creative software
– Gain toggle switch (high and low) depending on your headphone
– Platform toggle switch and light indicator (PC, Console and Mobile)

Other features include:
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)- allows users to manage the device from mobile devices via the Creative app.  The BLE only allows users to control the editing of device settings and toggling functions to turn it on and off.

Sound Blaster GC7

Sound Blaster GC7

Check out our video review of the Sound Blaster GC7 here:

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With the recent passing of Creative Technology founder, chairman and CEO, Mr Sim Wong Hoo, SEAGM expresses our deepest condolences to Mr Sim’s family and friends.

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