SEAGM Team Building 2022: Trust and Respect

by Aly Damil
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After two years of hiatus, SEAGM is back with another fun-filled SEAGM Team Building 2022! SEAGM employees from Sitiawan and KL enjoyed the 2-days and 1-night activities at Penang in two different batches from 22nd to 26th August.

The pandemic has led our employees to work from home which resulted in missed opportunities to interact and build a strong bond with one another. This year, we had the chance to get together physically. Hence, a team building event was organized by the committee led by Hannah Chong (Chairperson) and Jane Chieng (Deputy Chairperson).

The objectives of the SEAGM Team Building 2022 are to boost the employees’ mental and physical well-being, get to know one another, and build trust and respect for everyone.

Games and Activities

Of course, the 2-days and 1-night event will not be fun without the games and activities! To kick off the activities before it even started, the committee has organized a game called “Find Your Team Members” where each attendees experienced a fun way to find their teammates on the SEAGM Family social media groups using the hints that were given to them via email. Once the group members are complete, they have to assign a leader, create a team slogan, and post their photos on SEAGM Family Facebook group with a brief introduction.

Other games that were played during the trip were:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe – An amazing race with a twist. Each team was provided a tic-tac-toe card they needed to fill out with 9 numbers (one for each tic-tac-toe box). Each number corresponds to a mission that they must finish and take a photo of and upload on Facebook with the hashtag #SEAGMxTB2022.
  • Adventure Play and Water Play – All participants were given ESCAPE Adventure Play and ESCAPE Water Play challenge cards that have corresponding points. The group who got a total of 20 points with at least 1 point for each member received medals.

The Venues

The team building will not be successful without the charming and full of life activity venues. The participants’ day started with a scrumptious lunch at Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery. After all the chit chats and catching up, they went straight to play Tic-Tac-Toe at George Town. After a day of amazing race-like activity, everyone had a relaxing day at the hotel and beach of Hard Rock Hotel.

The next day was equally fun as they drove to ESCAPE Penang to continue the activities with Adventure Play and Water Play where they had thrilling experiences. And to cap the day, they went straight to Halab Penang for another delightful dinner and awarding ceremony of the winners.

Every participant cooperated and went all out to finish all the missions given to them. All employees both from the KL and Sitiawan offices did not just enjoy the activities but also had lots of fun getting to know one another and building camaraderie even in a short period of time. 

We are looking forward to another fun-filled SEAGM Team Building next year! More entertaining and exciting activities and games surely awaits us all.

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