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Dota 2 Official Forum Hacked

Dota 2 Forum Hacked

by SEAGM Media Editoron August 16, 2016
A week ago, Dota 2 official forum was hacked that lead to almost 2 million user data (username, email, full name and password) leaked. To be exact 1,923,972 user data was hacked. Are you a Dota 2 official forum user?
Steam Bethesda Quakecon Weekend 2016

STEAM Bethesda QuakeCon Weekend 2016

by SEAGM Media Editoron August 5, 2016
QuakeCon Weekend is here! Steam is running promotion in conjunction of QuakeCon this weekend. Discount up to 50%!

好康消息!Huga Slots MyCard 储值大回馈来了!

by SEAGM Media Editoron July 21, 2016
活動時間:「2016年07月06日下午15:00~2016年08月02日晚上23:59」 活動辦法:活動期間內,使用MyCard500元單面額儲值,即可獲得15%回饋!

Valve Crackdowns Betting sites

Steam Crackdown on Betting Sites

by SEAGM Media Editoron July 14, 2016
e-Sports is gaining popular globally with games like Dota 2 and CSGO having millions of players. As a results of that, betting sites that bets on e-Sports matches such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have mushroom all over the internet.
Steam Weeklong Deal

Steam Weeklong Deals – July 12th, 2016

by SEAGM Media Editoron July 12, 2016
Check out the Steam Weeklong Deals on Steam! Happening every Tuesday to the follow Tuesday! 1AM-1AM (GMT +8) Kuala Lumpur Time. This week highlights = Planetbase, The New Adventure Company Hits Collection, Ashes of the Singularity and Space Colony: Steam Edition with discount up to 90%!

Pay With Gift Cards Now Available On SEA Gamer Mall!

by SEAGM Media Editoron June 28, 2016
You can now pay with gift cards from: SUBWAY, CIRCLE K, CVS PHARMACY, BURGER KING and DOLLAR GENERAL for all your SEA Gamer Mall purchases:

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