How to Level up faster in MU Origin 3

by Patrick Mark
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Its been 2 months since the release of MU Origin 3 all we can say is, we love it! The gorgeous graphics with Unreal Engine just makes the world ever so beautiful to wander, explore in dungeons and even the little details that makes a huge difference do the player experience.

The gates of this game is set pretty low, which means that new players can start their journey at any time and they will still get an amazing experience. If you just started and looking to power through the levels to keep up with the latest content in the game, then you’re in the right place.

Selecting your Character

To start, your character plays a big role in the leveling experience, if you are all about that route. Players are able to choose between 3 character classes in game, each class offers different benefits to your gameplay. While not a single character class is designed to over power the others, it really boils down to your personal preference, and if it’s going to be power leveling, then the mage class is the one for you.

To be specific, the Magister sub-class excels heavily in dealing tons of damage in an area, which is ideal when you’re exploring the leveling dungeons which are subjected to unlock at level 30. But of course you can take this with a grain of salt, if there is a specific class that suits your playstyle, you should definitely pursue it to enhance your experience.

Main Quest are Key

Just like other MMORPG’s , the main quest usually gifts players the most XP and things are no different in MU Origin 3. As soon as you embark on your journey, you will be greeted with quest that get you on track on your journey.

By clicking the quest objective on the right side of the screen, it eliminates all the hassle that you have to go through by going to the locations manually. While the auto mode in MMORPG is often frowned upon by many players, you can fully benefit from this function in tedious quest and grinding early on, but in order for you to stay competitive and perform significantly better in challenges, playing manually will be ideal.

Praise the EXP Dungeons

Once players reach level 30, they are allowed to quicken their leveling pace by exploring EXP Dungeons. Upon unlocking the dungeons , you are able to complete these EXP dungeons daily to heavily increase your characters EXP. It is recommended that you get to do this as soon as possible until level 52, because that is where you will be able to unlock the equipment enhancement system.

Enhancing your gear

As the name suggests, enhancing your equipment will definitely make your characters stronger, which is why it is a must that you do it as soon as you unlock the function. Though the explanation provided can get complicated, but the more you explore this function, the better understanding you’ll have over time.

Though the suggestions may seem basic and even trivial, more often than not, these tips may fly over our heads so its good to have a refresher once in awhile. And it also explains how it is forgiving to players who started late or may start picking the game up again after 

A beautiful world, an excellent leveling system, addictive gameplay and to top it all off with amazing cosmetics, its no wonder that it is beyond just hype for MU Origin 3 after 2 months in.

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