MLBB Guide – How to use Cecilion?

by Sammy Chan
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Just a month ago, Moonton added Carmilla to the hero line up in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. For the month of February, they are adding another new hero. Known as Cecilion, he’s Carmilla’s lover! Let’s take a look at the Embrace of Night’s skill set.

Who is Cecilion?

So a little background on the new hero – he’s a Blood Demon! That makes him the third on the entirety of Mobile Legend’s roster. The other two Blood Demons are Carmilla and the Blood Demon queen, Alice.


Cecilion Wisteria Count Skin (Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)

Here’s a quick breakdown of his skills and tips on how to use them.

Cecilion skill set tips

Playing as Cecilion, you have to remember that your goal is to scale late game. If against him, make sure you end the game fast or else you’ll be up against a monster, here’s why.

Overflowing (Passive)

Each time he hits any enemy target with a skill, Cecilion max mana pool increases by 10. His damage scales off his max mana. This is what makes him strong late game, as he stacks up his max mana pool.

Bat Impact

Cecilion send forth a giant bat to dive at a designated direction, dealing Magic Damage to enemies in its path. This skill can be casted multiple times but Mana cost will increase tremendously with each cast. Also, after casting, his Movement Speed will increase by 30% for 1 second.

You can use this skill to harass opponent in lane or help you get a speed boost during a chase. But it’s not recommended to spam it since that’ll just mean draining your resource quickly.

Bat Impact attacking up to three enemies in a straight line (Source: Cecilion Hero Spotlight @ YouTube via ML: BB)

Sanguine Claw

Summoning a pair of claws in a rectangular telegraph, Sanguine Claw then will pulls in and group enemies caught inside together at the center.

This is Cecilion’s crowd control skill. Use it to group enemies together and stun them for 1 second. You can then follow up with a combo of Bat Impacts and take them out. That basically makes this his initiation skill to begin a team fight. Catch and stun the enemies then take them out.

Sanguine Claw trapping enemies and stunning them (Source: Cecilion Hero Spotlight @ YouTube via ML: BB)

Bats Feast (Ultimate)

On activation, Cecilion gains an increase of 60% to his Movement speed that decays over 1.5s. He’s also immune to Slow while Bats Feast is active.

While active, Bats Feast shoots 40 bolts of blood energy to nearby enemies, dealing Magic Damage and slowing them down by 3%. Each bolt increases the slow value, up to 30%, for 1 second. Bats Feast also heals him each time it does damage.

Bats Feast is perfect for baiting and kiting your enemy. You could be running low on HP and they think it’s an easy kill but just activating this skill can turn the whole fight around. Cecilion’s ultimate increases your movement speed while slowing your enemies down. Plus, it basically gives you life-steal while dealing damage. Pretty strong!

Cecilion kiting enemy with Bats Feast, dealing damage while life-stealing (Source: Cecilion Hero Spotlight @ YouTube via ML: BB)

Moonlit Waltz (Special Move for Cecilion & Carmilla)

Besides being a damage-dealing beast in the late game, Cecilion becomes even more threatening if there’s a Carmilla on the team.

Moonlit Waltz summons the nearby Carmilla to him, making him very tanky via providing 440-1000 points of shield. The amount scales with Carmilla’s level. Basically, Cecilion becomes very tanky, Carmilla is untargetable until she selects a spot to land, dealing AoE damage with the exploding shield.

This move is the very first unique team move in the game. It’s only available if both Carmilla and Cecilion are on the same team. It’s a very, very strong team fight move!

So a quick recap on how to use Cecilion

  • Harass opponent in lane with Bat Impact and build up your passive.
  • Try to scale to late game where you’re strongest.
  • Don’t fight head on, you don’t have burst.
  • Instead, kite with Bats Feast.
  • Use your crowd control, Sanguine Claw to initiate fight for your teammates and get them to combo with you to win team fights!
  • Get a girlfriend/boyfriend to duo as Carmilla with you (okay I know this one is actually hard feelsbadman.jpg) for best result.

For more detail on his skills, you can read the patch note here and watch his hero spotlight here.

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