Flava – the leader behind SEAGM’s content and community team

by Aly Damil
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For the past few years, SEAGM’s community has been enormously growing not just in Malaysia but globally. This growth is helping the brand expand its footprint and capture video game and esports enthusiasts’ attention in more countries. One of the strong pillars who helps the team to succeed is Flava – the leader behind SEAGM’s Content and Community Team.

Let’s get to know more about him and the Content and Community Team of SEAGM.

Get to know about Flava

Started as a Content Creator when he joined SEAGM in June of 2021, Muhammad Farouq “Flava” Bin Abdul Patah is currently the Content Lead in the Marketing Department of SEAGM. He is responsible for leading the Community and Content team to drive traffic, engagement, leads, and retention that align with the objectives and targets of the organization. Besides leading the Community and Content team, he also manages all creative resources, including visual designers, video editors, and cross-department personnel.

Flava together with the Marketing Department

Communication as strength in being a leader

According to Flava,

“Communication is one of my greatest strengths. I lead by facilitating open communication and trying to bring out the best in every team member. You would be surprised to see how much a person can improve by allowing them to voice their opinions and listen closely to the kind of insights they bring to the table. However, there is still much to learn from my superiors when it comes to leading a team, which is a challenge I have to face head-on. One of my biggest challenges in leading such a big team is not being able to give the same amount of attention and care to every individual. It will take a while to achieve this and build a good amount of trust within the team.”

During his first few months with SEAGM, he surpassed the challenge of being the Content Creator for two teams at the same time – the SEAGM Thailand Content Team and the SEAGM Indonesia Content Team. Recently, one of the most significant milestones that the team has achieved is obtaining the verified blue badges for the SEAGM Official Facebook and TikTok pages as it assures our audience and the general public that SEAGM is a certified brand by both social media platforms.

Flava with SEM9 Wild Rift Team

Flava’s vision for the Content and Community Team

“As a leader, my vision for my team would be for them to realize their full potential by creating attainable goals to be achieved and giving good guidance that they can apply in their work. 

Regarding future planning, I am highly interested in doing PR as it is one of my biggest fortes, with hopes that this would convert to more business opportunities in line with the objectives and targets of SEAGM. This would directly help the company achieve its goals compared to the department I am working in.”

SEAGM’s Content and Community Team is currently looking for individuals interested in being part of SEAGM as a Content Specialist for SEAGM Thailand. If you are knowledgeable in local gaming communities, adept in managing social media platforms and content creation, this may be the sign for you to join the team.

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