by Raymond Foo
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We have been made aware of the American allegations against 2 employees of the company recently.  

The 2 employees concerned are temporarily on leave pending the resolution of the matter. 

As a responsible company serving millions of customers around the world we are committed to and have been offering full cooperation and assistance to the authorities.  

Without compromising the integrity of any ongoing legal process, suffice to say that the company has never engaged in any illegal activity as we are a home-grown Malaysian company with hundreds of employees and millions of customers all around the world. 

SEA Gamer Mall will continue to take significant steps to manage the claims. Rest assured that the management of the company has the best interests of each and every customer at heart and we will continue giving our best services to our customers. 

All personal details of our customers remain safe and secure. The company is actively engaging with external professionals to enhance our system in order to ensure the utmost safety and security to protect all personal data and details of our customers.  

We strive to take all necessary measures to minimize the risks of our business relationships with our valued partners. 

We appreciate the patience and support during this period. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our Media team at To learn more about updates, visit our official site

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