Final Fantasy XVI Announced, Will Be a Timed PS5 Exclusive

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Final Fantasy XVI is coming to the PlayStation 5 as a timed console exclusive. It was the first game trailer on showcase during the PlayStation 5 event. The trailer features a fresh cast of characters in a brand new plot set in what looks to be a fantastical medieval setting. The staples of the franchise, such as crystals and summons make an appearance as well.

final fantasy xvi

The focus of the plot centralizes on warring factions fighting for the “mother crystal”. Each faction seems to have their respective “Dominants” that they worship; Shiva and Titan battle each other appearing as if warlords as their respective human clans engage in battle below them.

Helm of the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV (14), Naoki Yoshida, will serve as producer on the game. Hiroshi Takai, who also oversees the development of FFXIV, is reported to be directing.

Similar to it’s immediate predecessor, FFXV, Final Fantasy XVI ditches the turn-based combat system entirely and will be more action-orientated. There isn’t much to decipher from the gameplay teaser we received. Though we can determine that the game will heavily focus on real time action, no HUD is visible. Additionally, no footage of the menu systems or RPG mechanics was shown.

The trailer implies that the game will be a timed console exclusive. Many speculate that it will also be arriving on PC. Unfortunately, there is no release date as of yet. According to Yoshida-san’s press releases, we can expect the next big announcement regarding the game early 2021.

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