Did Xbox Just Jab at PlayStation’s Messed-Up Preorder Fiasco?

by Daniel
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In the months leading up to this date, Xbox has been nothing but wholesome and supportive towards its rivals Sony and Nintendo. Back in late August just last month, Sony opened a registration website for users to stand a chance to preorder the PlayStation 5 early. The site requires those interested to input just their PlayStation Online ID. If selected, participants would receive an email associated with their PlayStation ID with the invitation to preorder the console. Even then, there would be no guarantee that the user would actually get to successfully pre-order.

Twitterians have taken to their social platform to express their distraught over PlayStation’s announcement that PS5 preorders would be going live a day after it’s price reveal. Apparently, no one received the preorder invitation email.

Sony has previously gone on record stating that PlayStation 5 units will be limited at launch, adding to consumer frustration. Initially, 15 million units were to be manufactured at launch. Sony would later cut that number to 11 million. As of August 26, 2020, that number is now under speculation to be around 5-6 million.

In addition to the frustrating limited manufacturing, Sony also plans to have multiple launch dates for the PS5. America, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand will have a launch date of November 12, 2020. The PS5 will subsequently be available to the rest of the world a week later, November 19.

Scalping Problems Arise

Needless to say, this situation is very inconvenient for consumers. It also gives an advantageous situation to scalpers. There are already ridiculous prices on eBay from scalpers that have locked-in their preorders.

Xbox tweeted this image soon after Sony’s PS5 preorder announcements. With a uniformed release date and an ample amount of time to prepare for pre-orders, this is by far the better approach. What makes this clearly a witty jab, however, is the sentence in parenthesis.

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