SEAGM Internship Program: a fun-filled experience

by Aly Damil
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Internship is a professional learning experience that every student goes through before they officially graduate and face the real world. It offers the students the opportunity to explore the career they would want to pursue, develop and learn new skills, and have hands-on experience being in the workplace. As for the companies and organizations, the internship program brings in new energy and ideas and potentially builds a pipe-line for future full-time employees.

SEAGM has an internship program and has had many interns in the past, and one of them is Choo Then Yao. Prior to becoming a Boys’ Brigade instructor, Then Yao was a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Entrepreneurship student at UTAR Kampar. Before he graduated from the university, he spent a few months at SEAGM for his internship under the HR and Admin Department.

“I chose to become an intern at SEAGM because the office is near my hometown. In addition, SEAGM is an ecommerce platform for global gamers and I am a mobile phone gamer. Therefore, I have chosen SEAGM to become my internship company,” according to him. “I would describe my internship experience as FIFA – fast-paced, interesting, fun, and attractive,” Then Yao added. 

During his internship at SEAGM, he has been involved in many projects where he learned and had fun working with the employees. Some of those projects are the 2021 SEAGM Employee Appreciation Awards, Employee Survey, and 2021 Christmas Day gifts for the employees with the guidance of his internship supervisor, Fifi Lim, HR Manager.

As an organization, SEAGM also wants to provide a conducive environment for the students who want to learn and have a fun experience in the esports and video game industry.

Should you want to have a fun-filled and learning internship experience, click the SEAGM internship application link.

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