SEAGM Black Friday | Hello, Is It (Cheap) Games You’re Looking For?

by Yong Chi Winn
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Happy Thanksgiving! 

What a great way to celebrate the festive season with love, joy and BLACK FRIDAY SALES! That’s right, SEAGM will have our own Black Friday promotion where you’ll be able to play some of today’s greatest games at a cheaper price.

Can’t find a game to your liking on Steam? We got you covered. Here’s a list of games that you can get at a cheaper rate during our SEAGM Black Friday with up to 15% off.

Promotion Period: 25 Nov (12AM PT) – 30 Nov 2022 (11.59PM PT)

Eligible Products:

While you are still considering here are some of the hottest game online.

Cyberpunk 2077

If you haven’t heard of it already, Cyberpunk 2077 has improved its gameplay as well as bugs really well since the release of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime.

Since the anime came out, there were more than 1 million people who came back to play Cyberpunk 2077. With the upcoming DLC, Phantom Liberty coming out in 2023 and ditching the previous-gen consoles, it does look like Cyberpunk 2077 will have a brighter future ahead, and one that you should invest in.


FIFA 23 is going to be the last FIFA game to release (for now hopefully) and we must say, the game has improved substantially, considering that previous years were more or less the same game, updated with just the years.

The developers for FIFA 23 has improved on the graphics and gameplay being upgraded, there are also a few new features that fans can enjoy.
One of the main features of the game is the HyperMotion2 and machine learning technology. This helps developers to add over 6000 brand new animations which looks smoother and more realistic. This technology upgrades how the players look when they shoot, sprint and dribble on the pitch as well as a more fluid movement and interactions off the pitch.
Other than that, players can disable “Critical Commentary” so you wouldn’t hear the AI commentators trolling your skills on FIFA.
There’s also woman’s league called Women’s Club Football and it looks really good. If you’re a FIFA fan, this is one that you need to get and enjoy.


Minecraft is an evergreen 3D sandbox game that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.

In case you don’t know what Minecraft is about, it allows players to explore, interact with and modify a dynamically-generated map made of one-cubic-meter-sized blocks.

Some ready-generated maps allow players to explore around and discover hidden gems and Easter Eggs.

The creation portion of the maps helps to enhance players’ creativity. It’s a fun game where there’s a lesson on solving problems as well as letting your creativity run wild.

What games will you be getting this SEAGM Black Friday?

Wanna get these games at a cheaper price, shop for STEAM Wallet Codes at SEAGM today!

Read more gaming news and updates about STEAM or what’s trending at SEAGM here.

1. The SEAGM Black Friday begins on November 25, 2022 (12:00 AM PT) and will end on November 30, 2022 (11.59 PM PT).
2, This campaign is open to all registered members from the United States region 
3. The campaign is only applicable to the following products: 
– Battlefield 1 (Origin)
– Battlefield 2042 (Origin)
– Battlefield 4 (Global)
– Battlefield 5 (Origin)
– Cyberpunk 2077
– FIFA 20 (Origin)
– FIFA 21 (Origin)
– FIFA 22 (Origin)
– FIFA 23 (Origin)
– Forza Horizon 5(Xbox/PC)
– Guild Wars 2 CD Keys
– Halo Infinite (Xbox/PC)
– Minecraft CD-Key
– Resident Evil 7 (Steam)
– StarCraft: Remastered
– The Sims 4 Origin CD-Key (Global)
– ToGather: Island CD-Key [STEAM]
4. The said offer is based on a first come first served basis.
5, SEAGM reserve the right to suspend or terminate any transactions which are found to be fraudulent or abusing the promotion.
6. SEAGM reserve the right to make further changes to the terms without prior notice if necessary.

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