Armaggeddon Atom 3 Gaming Headset Review

by Sammy Chan
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Sound is an important key factor when it comes to enjoying video games. Playing a game without good audio can pretty much ruin the immersion. When it comes to an affordable sound solution, the Armaggeddon Atom 3 delivers with uncompromised quality.

Atom 3 – Review

The Atom 3 comes equipped with an omnidirectional mic and features 2.1 stereo sound. It is also part of the Atom series. The series focuses on strong bass lines and crisp audio. The microphone is not detachable but it is, however, movable in pretty much every direction if you want it out of the way. If RGB lighting is something you look for, the headset itself pulsates in 7 different colors. This is not customizable so the only effect is pulsating.
Armaggeddon Atom 3That aside, the Atom 3 is rather light, weighing only one kilogram. The whole set is made of plastic with the exception of the earcups, they’re faux-leather. Wearing it for long hours of gaming will not be a problem due to its light-weight. After wearing for 6 hours, I still felt rather good and there was no headache present. The audio sounded crisp and you can definitely tell which direction it is coming from. But, since this 2.1 audio, you can really only tell left or right instead of full surround. Another thing I like about the Atom 3 is the presence of a volume control behind the left earcup, this is a welcomed convenience.
Despite feeling really comfortable, the earcups and headset itself are not noise canceling. Even at the loudest drop of beats, I could hear the conversation my colleague was having around me about what they ate for lunch.

Atom 3 – The Sound Itself

The Atom 3 has a stronger treble in comparison to bass. If you’re looking for that pants-dropping bass, you’re not likely to find it with this set. When listening to bass boosted songs, the drop felt dry and weak. I would like to Armaggeddon Atom 3preface, however, that it’s not completely absent. You can still hear and feel the bass, it just has a lower impact. It really doesn’t matter though if you’re mainly using it for gaming. So if you’re into heavy bass, this headset might not be for you. The stronger treble, though, does help in making the audio sound clean and clear and I appreciate this when it comes to gaming. You can distinctively tell which side the audio is coming from which is really all you need for basic gaming. Also, it uses over 32Ω impedance. So do note that it requires a USB input on top of the 3.5mm jack.

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Atom 3 – Recommendation

After wearing and trying out the headset for a week for 6 hours straight every day, I’ve grown pretty fond of its sound. It’s very comfortable and I have no problem keeping it on for hours and hours. I would recommend this headset if you’re using it for basic gaming and media usage. Personally, the only downside so far is the weak bass but this is because I’m a bass person. In conclusion, I recommend picking up the Armaggeddon Atom 3 if you’re looking for a gaming headset for long hours of PC gaming. PlayStation 4 and Xbox are not supported since it’s a USB and multi-jack headset. Stay tuned for our X-Craft Hp-5 Pro headset review next if you’re seeking higher-end headset! For other Armaggeddon headsets, go here.

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