The Overwatch Blizzard World Map Releases Next Week

by Sammy Chan
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After the most recent developer’s update, we know that the new Overwatch Blizzard World Map will be arriving sometime this year. However, we weren’t given a fixed date for the release. The map has been in PTR testing since Blizzcon 2017. Recently, we’re finally given a date for its release. The map will be made available in the official servers on 23 January.

What is Blizzard World?

The Blizzard world map will be a hybrid map much like King’s Row and Numbani. The concept is based on Disneyland and who doesn’t like Disneyland? Of course, Blizzard has put their little twists on the whole amusement park, slotting easter eggs in here and there.
Jeff Kaplan has mentioned that the developers have put in a lot of time into sneaking in a bunch of easter eggs into the map. Possibly from all the different games in Blizzard. Can’t wait to see what sort of tokens from Hearthstone they’ve put in!

Other Updates

Blizzard World isn’t the only update coming in. The new patch will bring about the latest cosmetic update including new skins, sprays and emotes for the base items. These items will be available to buy with credits or rolled from loot boxes at any time, they are not seasonal items. So far Overwatch has only given us a peek of Pharah’s new legendary Egyptian skin as well as the new sprays on the Twitter.
Overwatch Blizzard World Pharah
Already, Overwatch has ticked off 2 of the items they said they would bring to us in 2018! To top it off, the next seasonal event is only a month away: Lunar New Year 2018! Celebrating the year of the dog. And we all know what that means — even more skins and goodies. Overwatch really knows how to coax the earnings out of my wallet. For more information about the 2018 Overwatch, you can check out our summarized version of the developer’s update.

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