Monster Hunter World Day One Patch Details

by Sammy Chan
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After three betas and multiple deaths by Nergigante, Monster Hunter: World is finally almost here. Making its debut on Xbox One, the pre-load is now live. Xbox One players can get a head start and pre-load the game ahead of its┬álaunch this weekend. As for PlayStation 4 players, you will have to wait until the 24th to begin pre-loading Monster Hunter: World onto your console. With only three days away from its launch, Capcom released Monster Hunter World day one patch details. The patch isn’t too big, it’s about 815MB. Here’s the full changelog:

Poogies Are Life

Everyone’s favorite piggy is making a return to World. Poogie will appear in Astera’s trade yard for players to interact with once they reach a certain point in the story. Players can pet Poogie to get it to warm up to them. Once Poogie likes you, you can pick it up and carry it with you throughout Astera and it’ll help you look for treasure.
In order to play online multiplayer, make sure your game is updated to patch 1.01 (day one patch). Here are some other features that will be added:
System Features

  • Multiplayer, event quests, chat functionality, and other online features
  • Item claims via Housekeeper that will appear in your room.
  • Gallery Mode has been added to the title menu. This allows players to watch all previously viewed cutscenes.

Language Support
In addition to Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish, the following languages will be added. These are displayed languages, additional voices will not be added.
Additional languages are based on region:

  • North America, South America: Brazilian, Portuguese (R1)
  • Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Africa, India: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian (R2)
  • Asia: Traditional Chinese, Korean (R3)

Monter Hunter: World releases this weekend on January 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version is still in development, slated for release this fall. Capcom wants to focus on the console version first before moving on to PC. They intend to deliver a high-quality port hence the long waiting period in between console and PC release. The game itself already has free DLC planned for it with Deviljho leading the lineup.

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