Dota Plus is A New Subscription-Based Service in Dota 2

by Sammy Chan
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Valve has recently revealed new plans for their MOBA game, Dota 2. Dota Plus is a subscription-based service designed to improve, not only the aesthetics (because we all know that’s the important part), but gameplay as well.

What is Dota Plus?

In many ways, Dota Plus is an “upgrade” for your free account. According to Valve, it’s an “evolution of the Battle Pass.” The Majors Battle Passes gave players exclusive cosmetics, daily challenges players to level up their heroes and other benefits. The problem is, that it goes away.
Dota Plus is here to stay. However, instead of being a one-off thing, it’s an ongoing benefit that will be regularly updated.
The list of benefits include:

  • Hero Leveling
  • Stat-Tracking Hero Relics
  • New Hero Chat Wheel Responses
  • Weekly Victory Reward Shards
  • Exclusive Skins And Other Cosmetics
  • New Level Badges
  • Special Emoticons
  • Weekly Rewards
  • Plus Rewards (Exclusive Plus Hero Sets, Hero Relics, Legacy Hero Sets)
  • A Hero Achievement System
  • Shards (a new in-game currency)
  • Access to Battle Cup tournaments
  • Access to Plus Assitant

What is Plus Assistant?

This neat little tool will be useful to many aspiring eSports players– or just the players who are looking to improve. According to their website, “Plus Assitant offers real-time item and ability suggestions generated from data gathered across millions of recent games at each skill bracket to keep you up to date on the latest trends”
This brings about a whole new way of analyzing the game and improving your gameplay. It even offers you post-game analytics so you can review where you’ve gone wrong.
Complete list of features:

  • Item Suggestions (Global Data Driven)
  • Real-Time Comparative Analytics
  • Lane Setup Suggestions
  • Ability Suggestions (Global Data Driven)
  • Detail Death Summary
  • Dynamic Hero Pick Suggestions
  • Post-Game Analytics
  • Hero Specific Global Rank Trends
  • Spectator Win Probably Graph


Currently, it’s $3.99 USD for a month, $22.50 USD for 6 months and $42.13 USD for a year. Because it is a new service, it’s probably a good idea to pay for a month’s sub to see if it’s really worth it for you. Who knows, maybe the Plus Assistant won’t be as useful as we think.
For more information and details about Dota Plus and its features, check out the Dota Plus Website! Plus Assistant definitely looks like it’s worth trying. However, many players think it should be a free service. What do you think?

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