Steam Summer Sale 2020 dates have been leaked. Are you ready?

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So apparently, Steam Summer Sale 2020 dates have leaked. Question is, how legit is this? Well, it looks pretty credible. 


According to SteamDB (Steam Database) developer Pavel Djundik via one of his tweets, Djundik states in a Tweet that apparently, “Chinese sources are saying the Steam Summer Sale 2020 starts on 25th of June. Generally trustworthy, but not fully confirmed.”

He then follows up with another Tweet stating that it’s “Confirmed now, June 25th to July 9th”.

Source: Via Djundik’s Twitter –

If you didn’t catch it, that’s two weeks of sales! Enough for you to get a full years supply of games! If the Steam Summer Sale 2020 is not enough, there’s potentially more…

Steam Loyalty Program?

On top of that, Djundik also found some pretty interesting details in regards to Steam. It looks like a Valve loyalty rewards program is in the works, which includes a whole “point system”, and the ability to redeem points for reward items, badge levels, and possibly even game discounts.

Source: Via Djundik’s Twitter –


Of course, all these are based on a “Tweet” (though, from a SteamDB developer, keep that in mind). So, it COULD very well be. No guarantees though. But this guy does:

Sure, we’ve all been stuck at home for so long, breezing through an amount of games which were never possible prior to COVID-19. But with that said, it’s all for a good reason, and speaking of good reasons, this leak could  “potentially” be another reason why it’s a good idea to stay home right now.

On top of all this, console giants are all hard at work, with teases upon teases. A good year for gaming so far? Any particular titles that YOU are looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section below! And in case you’re wondering, SEAGM has Steam Wallet Codes available of course. We’ve got you covered.

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