Question: Is GTA V free? Answer: It looks like it!

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Rumor has it that GTA V is going to be available for the cheap price of… well; nothing! GTA V for free! But wait a second here, a rumor will remain a rumor, UNTIL it’s confirmed right? Well…

While GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) has been out for a good amount of time now, it still feels very much alive. It’s one of those titles that keeps gaining traction even until today. This is due not only for it’s impressive gameplay, campaign story, and overall polish (sure some bugs here and there), but for the most part, gamers from all walks are still drawn to its online component, Grand Theft Auto online (GTAO), particularly the NoPixel RP Server.

NoPixel Rp Server – Explained

The Rumor

So when rumors started going around that one of the world’s biggest game titles was about to be given away for free by Epic Games Store, everyone kept an open ear. Well, suffice to say, that rumor appears to be most likely true, based on a Tweet that was posted by Epic Games Store themselves. The Tweet was deleted shortly after, but it’s the internet, people! Of course we found a copy of the tweet! Thanks @Wario64!

Now what?

As you can tell, it seems legit! Now if this is really true, then to those of you who don’t own the game yet (or even those who do on console, but not on PC), this is your FREE ticket to a Rockstar Games open world experience. Plus, it’s yours to keep forever! 

Try the story mode (it’s long, so settle down, and stay comfortable throughout), and once you’re done with that, go ahead and give the online world a shot. Heck, give the NoPixel RP server a shot (it’s one of the whitelisted servers on GTA V, so don’t worry). 


Of course there’s buzz about GTA VI. The common assumption is that once a game is able to be given out for literally 0 monies, means it’s nearly at the end of it’s life, leading to a release of a follow up, in this case GTA VI, or GTA 6, or whatever they’re going to call it.

But that’s not quite the story here. GTA V is a big hit worldwide, and by releasing the game for free, Rockstar Games acquires a bigger reach, and in return generates more revenue through it’s online microtransactions (which are a lot!). So it isn’t exactly “charity” per se.

Either way, if this is true, then the game (expected to arrive as the Premium Edition) would still be a steal! Again, it’s free. Question is, if it is indeed released for free, are YOU going to be playing it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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