Six PlayStation Games To Get Now! | Black Friday Sale

by Bradley Tan
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Black Friday is just a few days away and yes, sale time is here! Almost everywhere we turn to there is a Black Friday sale right now, including the PlayStation Store.

Here are six games that we recommend you try out. They are more than 20%:

Resident Evil Village – 50% off 

If you haven’t played Resident Evil, or are afraid to jump into a Resident Evil game, we understand. But this game mixes both action and adventure as well as the classic Resident Evil horror elements very well. It explains the events of Resident Evil 7 and what happened to Ethan Winters (the protagonist in RE 7 and Village). Moreover, this game will change the plotline and dynamic of the Resident Evil franchise moving forward.

But the reason why we recommend that you play this game is because of the storyline. It’s a simply beautiful storyline that allows players time to explore the backstory of the villains and how the big bad, Mother Miranda fits into the whole Resident Evil universe.


Resident Evil Village RM 247.00 RM 123.50
Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village Bundle RM 329.00 RM 213.85

Spider-Man Miles Morales – 40% off 

If you’re a fan of the 2018 Spider-Man game, this is one that you need to play today. It’s one of the rare games that not only tell a compelling and human story but the gameplay is significantly improved from the original PS4 Spider-Man game. It shows how Miles is still learning to be Spider-Man, learning how to swim with the sharks when Peter Parker goes over to Symkaria with Mary Jane, to find out his best friend has a dark side.

This is a game to check out on either the PlayStation 4 or on the PlayStation 5. The game is now 40% off at RM 125.40 (USD 29.99).


Spider-Man: Miles Morales RM 209.00 125. 40 (USD 29.99)

Deathloop – 50% off

A fun new concept with an amazing storyline. It’s no surprise that this game is nominated for the Game of the Year award.  The first person aspect makes the whole experience much more engaging and interactive as it makes the player feel like they are in the game itself.  You can check out our extensive review of the game here.


Deathloop RM 249.00 RM 124.50 (USD 29.99)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – 42% off 

As fans of the original Mass Effect Trilogy, we were indeed sceptical going into the remaster version of Mass Effect. We were thinking if it would be worth paying full price to play the same game and our conclusion is yes. It is a huge upgrade from the original version. Depending on how you play the game, there are a few extra endings that you can achieve, one of them is being the Happy Ending that everyone has so eagerly wanted.

Apart from that, if you played the original trilogy up until last year, most of us would have had a mod or two on the game and some may have led to game crashes. Overall, we’re enjoying ourselves playing the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and you should get it now and revisit the game.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition RM 249.00 RM 144.42 (USD 34.79)

Returnal – 28% off 

Returnal is a sci-fi third-person shooter which features roguelike elements and covers the psychological horror genre. To many, Returnal is considered to be the best game of 2021. Similar to Death Loop, the player will go through time loops after each death. The protagonist Selena is a space pilot, equipped with a suit and armed with high-tech weapons. She’s also stranded on the alien planet Atropos. She’s stuck in a time loop and after every death, she is resurrected. It follows a pattern of traversing across foreign environments and combating extraterrestrial entities with growing visions in an ever-changing world.


Returnal RM 299.00 RM 215.28 (USD 49.69)


It Takes Two – 38%

This classic co-op game has fans raving about it earlier this year. It is nominated for Game of the Year and for great reasons. This is a game where you would need two players to complete the missions. Not only is it interactive with a fun storyline, but it also helps improve teamwork and problem-solving skills. It’s a game for friends, family and not to mention lovely couples.


It Takes Two RM 159.00  RM 98.58 (USD 24.79)

Bonus: Tales of Arise : RM 191.20 20% Off

Tales of Arise is a classic JRPG game with beautiful storytelling. You can read about our extensive review about the game here.


Tales of Arise RM 239.00 RM 191.20 (USD 41.99)


On top of that, SEAGM is having a Black Friday sale as well! You can enjoy more discounts and rewards when you purchase the PlayStation Network card on SEAGM together with the PlayStation Black Friday sale.

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