Honkai Impact 3rd Brand New v 5.3 Update “Post-Dusk Odyssey” Coming This Thursday

by Yong Chi Winn
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miHoYo’s Honkai Impact 3rd is releasing the v 5.3 update, titled Post-Dusk Odyssey, along with the thought-provoking Chapter XXVII [Dusk of the Fool] is coming this Thursday (2 December 2021)!

In the update, players will get the sassy, and free-spirited mechanical fists-user, Carole Peppers. She’ll be boarding the Hyperion, together with the all grown-up Bronya for the very first time.

Carole Peppers Honkai Impact 3rd v 5.3

Image via miHoYo

Adult Bronya

(Adult Bronya) Image via miHoYo

Moreover, the striker of Schicksal’s 3rd Squad, will join the Captains as well. As a MECH-type Physical SP melee support, she fights with mechanical fists, making relentless attacks and meaty feedback. Notably, it is possible to switch characters the instant Carole launches her Ultimate, staying on the field until the Ultimate’s finished!

A Post-Honkai Odyssey’s Chapter 2 Prologue, Before Starfall will be available in this new update.

As the protagonist of the prologue, Carole will steer the course of the story and take on the responsibility of saving her squadmates. While handling the crisis, Carole will rendezvous with Bronya and her rescue squad. Find out what happens next when the update drops on 2 December. Will Bronya be able to resolve the crisis and rescue the world?

Captains can also pull for Herrscher of Flamescion’s first outfit, Time Runner in the v 5.3 Outfit Supply! It adopts ice crystals that contrast with the default flames to create a cold and mysterious vibe. Purple stardust, clock hands, and a dial-patterned skirt imbue her Charged ATK and Ultimate with temporal magic, turning her into a comet that transcends spacetime.

Are you excited for the upcoming Honkai Impact 3rd v 5.3 update? Share your thoughts with us.

Additionally, you can get the Honkai Impact 3rd crystals and B-chips here!

bronya honkai impact 3rd

(Adult Bronya) Image via miHoYo


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