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by Bradley Tan
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Rating: 8.5/10

What would you do if you’re caught in a time loop? Every time you die, you respawn in the same area? That’s what Deathloop is about.

We’re not sure how we would react, to be honest. If we meet a version of ourselves from the future, or the past. If we had to face someone we knew from our past… it’ll definitely be a very complicated situation.

Even though a lot of players have been complaining about the PC version of the game having stuttering issues  (which Arkane has said they’ll fix it soon), critiques gave Deathloop an exemplary review, stating that it’s a revolutionary game, something rather refreshing. But is it really?

It’s an amazing game, don’t get us wrong, but it did take some time for us to get used to the style and story.

Once we understood the premise of the story and its gameplay though, it becomes much more enjoyable. Think of it as a form of slow burn.

Colt in Deathloop

Image via Arkane Studios

This first-person action game lets you play as Colt, a character who has no memory or recollection of how he ended up by the beach.  It’s a loop because each time Colt dies, he comes back to the same area.

Additionally, there are clues given but sometimes it’s the opposite of what they tell you to do. So, if you are playing it with a fresh pair of eyes, you might get a little shocked when the action backfires at Colt.

Juliana in Deathloop

Image via Arkane Studios

This game introduces two assassins, Colt and Julianna. Think of it as Mr and Mrs Smith (with a twist), but each time someone dies, they respawn over and over again.

 Story [Spoiler Alert]

The story takes place in the 1960s, when Colt Vahn wakes up on a beach called the Black Reef. He has no memories of who he is and where he is. Later, he finds clues and guidance from messages from an alternate versions of himself, all of them leading him to break the time loop.

Later, he would find out about the Visionaries, the Eternalists and the AEON Program. The instructions given to him have instructed him to kill the Visionaries and their followers, known as the Eternalists.

The Visionaries are a group of scientists, artists and party animals who wants to live forever. And because Colt wants out of the loop, the visionaries are doing whatever they can to prevent him from doing so. The Visionaries run an organization known as the AEON Program.

Over time, with the clues given to Colt, he takes out seven of the visionaries, except for Julianna as she remains elusive and hiding inside of the Loop, a structure that powers the island’s time loop. Eventually, he finds out that he was part of the Visionaries, a member of the Operation Horizon, the original military expedition to Blackreef.

Additionally, Julianna would be the only to regain her memories with each loop.

Colt would eventually learn about his past and finding a way to go back to his actual life and reunite with, who he thinks is his girlfriend, Lila. But as he digs deeper into the mystery he finds out Lila is actually Julianna and she is his daughter.

At the end, Colt manages to activate a rocket to travel to the Loop where he will confront Julianna. Julianna explained everything to Colt and how things got bad when he had second thoughts about the AEON program and tried to break Julianna from the loop by killing her over and over again. This only led to Julianna to resent him more and began to retaliate.

Multiplayer Mode

Deathloop Multiplayer

Image via Arkane Studios

The multiplayer mode in Deathloop is interesting as you can join a game when other’s are in the midst of playing and disrupt their game. It’s possibly something that we’ve never seen before and it’s truly exciting when suddenly you have a new Colt or new Julianna attacking you. The other Visionaries are quite easy to take out though.

When Colt, or the players finds out the truth, you will have 3 choices to make, with 3 different endings.

  1. Kill Her and Break The loop and suffer whatever uncertainties. Or you can spare her and they can continue their lives eternally in the loops.
  • If you choose to kill Julianna and commit suicide to break the loop, Colt will wake up on the beach with Julianna holding him at gunpoint. But, she decides to spare him and disappears, leaving him to face the uncertain future alone.
  • If you kill Julianna but refuses to commit suicide, the loop resets as per the usual.
  • If you spare Julianna, both Colt and Julianna will become friends, and perhaps even developing a father-daughter bond once again. They’ll probably cooperate with each other to hunt the other inhabitants of Blackreef… just for fun of it.


We think that it’s a fun game to dive into for sure. More so if you’re a fan of first-person, immersive suspenseful mystery game. Deathloop is a well-crafted world with several creative ideas linked to meaningful connections. From how the powers of each players have and the concept of time loops.

For us, Deathloop is a game that console and PC gamers should try at least once in their lifetime. A cat and mouse games where everything is uncertain. But, to answer the main question, is Deathloop a Game of the Year contender? A contender or nominee, most definitely. But, to go up against other games like Resident Evil Village or Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart as the BEST, it’s definitely a huge challenge in our opinion. However, like we mentioned earlier, it’s easily a Top 5 game of the year in our books so far though.


You can play Deathloop on PlayStation 5 and on PC, but we highly recommend the PlayStation 5 version.

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