SEAGM: A Safe Workplace

by Aly Damil
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SEAGM is a safe workplace.

SEAGM takes harassment in the workplace seriously. Sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination towards one’s race or gender, and all other forms of harassment are strictly prohibited and not welcomed at SEAGM. It is important for the organization to provide a physically and mentally safe environment for the employees. And to ensure that these wrongdoings are being monitored, we are proud to launch the  Governance Policy.

SEAGM held a Governance Policy discussion online via Zoom on 20th September 2022. This is an initiative by the HR and Legal Team. The briefing focused on SEAGM’s new Workplace Policy and Whistleblowing Policy. 

Whistleblowing Policy refers to a procedure where victims of such actual or potential improper conduct in the workplace can voice out their complaints without fear. Through this policy, the matter and issues will be addressed accordingly. In addition, plans and awareness campaigns are also initiated to improve the workplace environment.

With the help of the Governance Policy discussion, SEAGM employees are made aware of the policies they have to adhere to and the rights they have in the workplace. SEAGM continues to improve and create such programs to ensure the welfare and provide a safe and fun workplace for everyone.

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