PUBG Mobile: Andy! Who is he? What does he do?

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Will PUBG Mobile be introducing a new character named Andy? PUBG Mobile has been on a roll recently, with the 0.18.0 update, Season 13, and most recently, the Mysterious Jungle. So answer is, possibly yes!

Source: Streek Youtube Channel

Andy the Character

Source: Sportkeeda

So, behind the mystery, Andy is actually a magician and puppeteer in the PUBG World, but his career ended due to an accident. In order to get his revenge, he taught himself to become a master of guns in a short period of time and tested his skills in combat. So that’s his story. Now that you know, let’s see what he can do.

Abilities and Features

Just like every other character in PUBG Mobile, Andy will be available in EvoGround mode, but not TDM Mode.  His abilities consists of speedy gun draws, and holstering.

Players will be able to upgrade Andy for up to 10 levels, unlocking his new abilities on each level. For instance, if the player upgrades the character to level 2, the speed of drawing and putting guns will increase by 10%.

Andy’s speed can also be increased by up to 16% upon reaching level 9. There are also various other features such as MVP emotes, voice commands, and unique emotes, which have been added at different levels.


Obviously, Andy cannot be found on the global update just yet. But we’ve got a feeling that it will  be pretty soon. Maybe this month even. In terms of price, it could be just like the other characters, which is 1200 Character Vouchers, and can be purchased in the game. Players can obtain Character Vouchers by completing missions in various PUBG Mobile events, or by spending some PUBG Mobile UC.

Either way, these were all based on leaks, so take it with a pinch of salt. Although, we have a strong feeling that Andy’s coming real soon! Wondering how to get some PUBG Mobile UC? It’s easy! Just read our guide to buying PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash (UC) on SEAGM, and get ready for Andy once he’s released!

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