Dragon Brawlers Diamonds and LifeAfter Credits – Now on SEAGM!

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We’ve already done Diamonds, Crystals, and Coins previously. This time around, we’re proud to announce that SEAGM now has Diamonds for Dragon Brawlers and Credits for LifeAfter. So what are these two games about exactly? Read on and find out.

Here at SEAGM, we’re always looking to bring all of you in game currencies from the best games the world has to offer. Whether it’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Diamonds, or even PUBG Mobile UC, SEAGM has them all. Now, let’s get to know these new SEAGM entries a little better shall we? Starting with…


Fan of Zombies? LifeAfter is a survival mobile game where players are tasked to survive in a post-apocalyptic, virus-infected world in any way possible. Chase and gather assets for food, shelter, and weapons. Likewise, players will also have to manufacture traps, which prevents zombies and other players from attacking your shelter. The game incorporates a third person POV, and also allows you to collaborate with your companions to explore its massive map. Face it alone or survive together? You decide.

Fun Fact: LifeAfter is the English version of a renowned Chinese game called “The Day After Tomorrow”. 

Dragon Brawlers

Enter a world of Dragons and Heroes, where players strive to be the very best (that no one ever was) Dragon Brawler. Experience quick and thrilling 3 on 3 MOBA styled battles with your trained Dragons… or heroes… or why not BOTH? You can even meet new friends (or challenge new people) as you fight your way through the Arena. Best part? You can collect different Dragons and Heroes, mix and match them, and see which combination works the best.

Now that you’ve had a brief description on each game, which one are you most excited to play? Here’s a suggestion; why not try both? Don’t forget to get some LifeAfter Credits and Dragon Brawlers Diamonds from SEAGM when it’s time to up your game! 

One last note, we did say SEAGM brings the best! So, you can now buy your Credits and Diamonds through U Mobile! Easy!

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