Garena Free Fire 14 Jun Beach Party!

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Garena Free Fire is throwing a party people, and it’s a Beach Party! Social distancing prevents you from going to the beach? Well, fret not. You’ve got a Beach Party in your hands! So what’s the deal on this whole thing? We break it down for you.


The whole Free Fire Beach Party started earlier on in May. If you thought you missed out, think again, as the event will go on till the 21st of June. With an event like this starting off in May, and running through June, you might be asking at this time, “Why is the event called 14/6 (14th of June) then?”.

14/6 – Peak Day

If you’re familiar with Garena Free Fire’s major events, you would know what “Peak Day’ would mean. If you don’t, let us explain;

An event “Peak Day” is where rewards are given / released / can be earned.

The title “Free Fire 14/6 Beach Party” is pretty much a dead giveaway on when this event’s peak day is. Question is, what are the rewards this time around?



Let’s jump straight into it, starting with Peak Day rewards, which is a Falco Pet. Log in on the 14th of June to get it absolutely free. Also, play a game with a friend, and you’ll be rewarded with a Falco Red Skin. Cool right? But that’s not all, as there’s also a chance to win some other stuff, in three phases;

Phase 1

There will be two types of Swim Ring tokens to be collected while playing matches from the map. The first type of Swim Rings can be collected from the 7th until the 15th of June, by shooting down the sand castle that you’ll come across while playing the game , whereas the second type of Swim Rings will be available on the 14th till the 15th of June. The way to collect Swim Ring B is still up in the clouds, although it is expected to be available through Air Ships. Use these rings to redeem a Captain Bubble (Male) Permanent skin!

Phase 2

The second phase would be the easiest, and it just involves logging in three times within 6 days. The rewards?  Day 1: Gold Royale Voucher, Day 2: Bofire, and Day 3: Pineapple Grenade!


Phase 3

This is equally as easy, and it involves sharing (because sharing is caring right?), logging in, and collecting points between 13th to the 18th of June. Check out the image below for more detailed information.

Captain Bubble – Male and Female

Bomb Squad

Our favourite mode will be returning on the 14th till the 21st of June, bringing great improvements. Not familiar with Bomb squad? Think of it as Mobile Counter-Strike! Well, more or less. Here’s a video playthrough of Bomb Squad:

Source: Free Fire World Youtube Channel

So have you guys been a part of the beach party already? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to log into the game on the 14th of June to get some awesome items! Don’t worry about Diamonds. SEAGM has Garena Free Fire Diamonds available! So get into the fight right now! 

Wondering how to purchase Diamonds? Here’s a guide on how to buy Garena Free Fire Diamonds just for you!

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