PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update – Mad Miramar anyone?

by Raymond Foo

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update is here, and it brings along the much anticipated Mad Miramar map with it. But that’s not all though, there’s more on hand here. Let’s take a look.

Source: PUBG Mobile Malaysia

Mad Miramar aka Miramar 2.0

There are a ton of changes and additions to the map, so we’ll list it out in points for your ease of reading:

  • To kick things off, the classic Miramar map has been visually updated, with some new elements being added into the mix as well. 
  • There’s now an Oasis which can be found at the northern part of the map.
  • The Urban Ruins can now be found northwest, with more housing areas, roads, and resources being added, providing players more choices to pick as a landing ground. If you’re a speed demon, then there’s also a race track that runs through the whole map.
  • Want to test yourselves on the race track? Try the new Golden Mirado Vehicle. Only one will spawn on the map, so keep an eye out.
  • New vending machines. There are a couple scattered around the map, and who knows, you might even be lucky enough to get 8 drinks at a time.
  • Beware of the Sandstorms which might hit areas of Miramar, and even your Main Menu.
  • New Miramar achievements and events have been added. Complete the objectives and events to get the achievements and rewards.
Source: Android Police

Cheer Park

Cheer Park is where up to 20 players gather at a time, and interact. It’s also filled with basic Training ground features to boot!

  • View information of other players. Chat, interact with Emotes, add friends, or even duel 1 on 1!.
  • Team up with other players and participate in matches, various modes.
  • Invite your friends and either roast some chicken together!
  • Try the Hunt Game, or show off your shooting skills in the Shooting Range.

Jungle Adventure and Bluehole Mode (Coming Soon)

Both will be dropping soon, but in a nutshell:

  • Evoground – Bluehole Mode: Erangle will now have an outer, and inner zone, the latter being the latest addition. It represents the next playzone location. Players will lose health while in this inner zone as long as the outer zone is present. Once the outer zone finishes shrinking to the inner circle, a new inner zone will appear.
  • Jungle Adventure: There will be a random chance to enter Jungle Adventure Mode while finding a match in Sanhok. Find ancient totems and invoke their power for a chance to obtain their blessings, or an item. Consume the food / fruits in the area and experience a “mysterious effect”, or take control of the Hot Air Balloon to survey the battlefield. 

The update will take a total of 1.97GB and 2.21GB on Android and iOS respectively. The update is available right now, and players from different versions will not be able to invite one another, so it’s best if you update as soon as possible. Plus, if you update between by May 13th, you’ll receive 2,888 BP, a Radio, and a Lieutenant Parsec Backpack (3d).

Source: Sportskeeda


There’s so much more to talk about, even a new weapon, the P90! For a more detailed list, check out the 0.18.0 Patch Notes.

Stay tuned for more updates on Season 13 of PUBG Mobile, as well as Royale Pass rewards coming up next week! Want to gear up on some UC’s before hand? SEAGM has PUBG Mobile UC in stock. There’s even a Boost Promo happening till May 26th, so hurry!

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