Maplestory M Scammer

by SEAGM Editor
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It has come to our attention that there’s some scammers ask maplers in Maplestory M to purchase zGold-Molpoints from like this FB profile > 

The modus operandi is a classic online scam involving prepaid top up cards. First the scammer would advertise very good deals in in-game chats and PM or forums or fb group.  Next the scammer would chat in FB or use any other chat apps and instruct victim to buy game prepaid top up card, in this case, it’s zGold-MOLPoints, as payment to the scammer.

After victim bought and send the zGold-MOLPoint Serial and Pin, the scammer immediately take the zGold-MOLPoint to top up to his own account. At the same time, the scammer would block the victim from the chat.

Please beware of such person. Never use prepaid top up codes to pay for things and also never buy from random people online.

Thank you.

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