Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game wraps up Kickstarter in Five Days.

by Sammy Chan
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Backing a Kickstarter project can be risky (Mighty No. 9) but sometimes, they are just worth that risk. That being said, “Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game” is definitely worth at least your attention. The Kickstarter was open to the public on September 7, 2018, and quickly reached its goal of  £155,000 ($202,631) within just two hours. Fast forward to today, the project has garnered over £1,041,177 pledged by 7,985 backers, unlocking all but three of the project’s stretch goals.
Steamforged Games is handling the project, who are well known for their board game creations. In March 2017, they released “Dark Souls: The Board Game”, which also started as a Kickstarter project. The DS board game was met with great success, with over 30,000 backers pledging a total of £3,771,474. They are also due to roll out their Resident Evil 2 board game this September.

‘Limited Edition Seeker’ tier backers get a special edition of the base game

Figures and Collectibles galore

HZD: TBG will offer the ‘Limited Edition Seeker’ tier backers over 130 figurines for a minimum pledge of £100. This is also inclusive of the base game, two expansions, unlocked stretch goals, and Kickstarter exclusive goods. If backers should opt to pledge £280 or more, they achieve the ‘All-in’ tier. This tier includes everything in the Limited Edition Seeker tier as well as six expansions, which would be worth £210 should they be purchased separately on release. Need more of that visual goodness? Check out their Kickstarter.

Three final Stretch Goals??

With the campaign approaching its end in a mere three days, it seems likely that the three currently unaccomplished stretch goals will be the last. In order to unlock Strider-back Aloy, the campaign needs twelve more backers. There are also two more mystery goals, which will reveal at the £1,066,000 and £1,123,000 pledge benchmarks.

For a full list of stretch goals, visit their Kickstarter.

Some FAQ

You may recall back in April, the Street Fighter board game was announced. To Malaysians’ dismay, the game would not ship to Malaysia. For HZD: TBG, there is a specific list of countries that Steamforged Games will not ship pledge rewards to due to import laws and customs, namely


You can still, however, pledge out of the sincerity of your heart.
Unfortunately, if you are looking forward to pledging in hopes to receive rewards, you will have to wait until March 2020. This two-year waiting period makes it one of Steamforged Games longest board games to produce. It’s understandable considering the amount of content put into it, though.
Pledgers can also upgrade their current pledge once the Kickstarter is over. I’m not entirely sure if that means you get upgraded rewards, but I’ve reached out to Steamforged Games on Twitter for comment.
The campaign ends September 29, 2018.

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