[Update] The Biggest Announcements Of Gamescom 2021

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Gamescom 2021 is here and what an opening night the conference had. With the plethora of reveals and announcements at the show on the first day, we’re more excited to know what’s to come for the next two days. From the release date of Halo Infinite to Marvel’s reveal to Midnight Suns. The list goes on with news on several highly anticipated games.

[Update 28/8] Gamescom 2021 has finally come to a close. With some of the biggest reveals and announcements, the largest gaming event certainly delivered this year. In our books, some of the best games announcements this year came from Bandai Namco with more information on the highly anticipated Elden Ring.

Here’s a list of some of the biggest announcements from Gamescom 2021:

Day 3

Elden Ring

Elden Ring, possibly the most anticipated games that was announced this year at E3.

In case you don’t know what all the hype is about, it’s a sequel to Dark Souls and written by Game of Thrones author, George R. R. Martin. The game will be led by visionary director, Hidetaka Miyazakia. This will be FromSoftware’s very first open world project.

This action role playing game is scheduled to release in early 2022.

Tales of Luminaria

Bandai Namco also interoduced a brand new Tales game known as Tales of Luminaria. Earlier this year, Bandai announced Tales of Arise, a game in the Tales series that fans have been looking forward to. Now, instead of having just one, we have two epic Tales game coming. Tales of Luminaria will be a mobile RPG and is set to release next year.

Tales of Arise 

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Tales franchise, Tales of Arise will be available on console as well as PC on 9 September this year. The release of the highly anticipated JRPG will also mark a major step forward for the series.

Create Your Fantasy Theme Park With Park Beyond

Park Beyond is a brand new theme park simulation game.  This game allows you to build a theme park that you’ve always dreamed of. No matter if it’s weird, pure fun or just plain innovative. How this defers from roller coaster tycoon or other theme park simulation games is that you can create rides that are simply out of this world. As long as it’s safe and you’re having fun building your theme park empire, you can do anything you want.

Syberia: The World Before

There’s a brand new Syberia game coming at the end of 2021. The cult classic adventure series will continue Kate Walker’s adventure. She’ll go across continents and through time periods in the 4th game, Syberia: The World Before.

If you are unfamiliar, the original Syberia story started in 2002 follows the story of Kate Walker, a New York lawyer.  She was sent to a fictional French village to oversee a corporate takeover of a family owned toy factory, and so, her adventure begins.

Syberia: The World Before is set to release on 10 December

Giants Uprising

Giants Uprising is a medieval fantasy action adventure game where you get to play the role of a giant who was enslaved by humans. After you escape from the enslavement your character will go through a phase of revenge against the human race. In other words a Giant simulator taking revenge on humans.

Giants Uprising is set to release in 2 November 2021.

Day 2

After an eventful first day, Gamescom 2021 continues its show with more games to show for with brand new trailers and reveals.

Here’s the biggest games of Day 2

Deathloop Latest Preview

One of the most talked about trailer from Gamescom 2021 day 2 was Deathloop. This immersive simulation first person shooter game by Arkane Studios. According to the reveal, there’ll be tonnes of weapon to play with, special powers and missions that players can go through with multiple outcomes.

From the trailer we can tell that it would seem like a Dishonored game on an island. Deathloop is set to launch on September 14 on both PS5 and PC.

New Trailer For Life Is Strange: True Colors And Far Cry 6

The two games that fans of the series have been waiting for all year long will soon drop.

At Gamescom 2, there were two new trailers for Far Cry 6 and Life is Strange: True Colors.

Far Cry 6 is scheduled to drop on October 7, 2021 while Life is Strange: True Colors will be out on 10 September 2021.

Exciting Open-World Adventure Game, Sands Of Aura Announced

Sail across the desert with the Sands of Aura. The presentation revealed several gameplay footage of the combat, exploration and character development for this open-world action-adventure.  The early access of Sands of Aura is coming to Steam this 21 October 2021.


DokeV is an open world MMO, creature-collecting game set in a futuristic city.  The game heavily draws from Korean mythology and folklore and is set to come to PC and consoles in 2022.

Check out the vibrant gameplay trailer of DokeV:

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Actor and Dinosaur Expert, Jeff Goldblum introduced the sequel game to Jurassic World Evolution 2. There’s also two new dinosaurs introduced in the game as well as new environments and weather challenges.

Check out the trailer here:

Day 1

Saints Row Reboot Coming In 2022

Volition, the developers for Saints Row revealed at Gamescom 2021 that the beloved Saints Row game is back! Based on the announcement, the game will be titled Saints Row. It’ll be a complete reboot from the original open-world crime spree franchise.

Jim Boone, Volition’s chief creative officer mentioned in the reveal that the original crew has conquered everything blocking their path. From living in a crack house in Saints Row 2 to a penthouse in Saints Row 3 and living it big in the White House in Saints Row 4. There was even something about fighting aliens and conquering hell. Hence, Volition decided to go back to its roots of what Saints Row is all about with a brand new storyline.

If you’re new to Saints Row and don’t want to visit the past games, you can jump on this game fresh. It’ll be a completely new story and won’t fit with the previous games. However, there are several nods to the original, like previous mascots and weapons.

Saints Row is set to release on 25 February 2021. It’ll be on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows PC via the Epic Games Store.


Halo Infinite Has A Release Date

We finally have a release date for Halo Infinite! According to Microsoft, the upcoming Halo game is coming to PC and Xbox on 8 December 2021. On top of that, there will also be a Master Chief-inspired Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 controller and a Halo 20th anniversary Xbox Series X console. Moreover, there’s a brand new cinematic trailer for fans to enjoy.


New Marvel Project Coming In 2022

Firaxis announced a brand new Marvel game. Like XCOM, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be a turned-based RPG.

Image via Marvel/FirAxis

One of the biggest takeaways from the announcement is that there are characters fans have heard before. Firaxis has confirmed these characters: Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Dr Strange, Blade, Nico Minoru/ Sister Grimm, Magik, Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider and Wolverine. They also made a beautiful introduction for the main villain of the game, Lilith.

According to the reveal, 2k Games plans to bring Marvel’s Midnight Suns to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC (Steam and Epic Game Store), Xbox One and Series X next year March.


Horizon Forbidden West Release Date Announced

A couple of weeks ago, Guerilla Games announced that the Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, will be delayed to 2022 but… until when?

Yesterday, Guerilla Games announced that Horizon Forbidden West is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 console in February 2022. On top of that, Guerrilla also released a brand new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 5 system. The update will feature higher graphic quality and 60 fps gameplay, most importantly, a FREE upgrade!

In the meantime, you can play as Aloy on Horizon Zero Dawn now and on Genshin Impact (PlayStation) next week.


Death Stranding Director’s Cut Preview Trailer

There’ll be a Director’s Cut version of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding coming soon. Like Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will feature brand new gameplay, exciting new missions and in-game items.

Image via Kojima Production

Additionally, there was a brand new look of the game which featured brand new delivery tools.  From the cargo launcher, boots that will decrease damage when you fall, and a new Buddy Bot.


Call of Duty: Vanguard Gameplay Demo

Last week, Activision and Treyarch revealed that the next COD project is called Call of Duty: Vanguard. It will take us back to World War II with a historical fiction twist. However, the first gameplay footage for the game does eerily resemble a horror game than it is a shooter. The preview showcased a level set in Stalingrad with Lt. Polina Petrova, one of the four characters at the heart of the game.

Read about the game here


Morgana From Persona 5 Joins The Roster Of Super Monkey Ball

On a lighter note, SEGA has introduced a crossover extravaganza coming to Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania. Morgana from Persona 5 will be joining the roster. Some of the characters that has already been introduced to the gamr are Kiryu from the Yakuza franchise, Sonic the Hedghog, Miles “Tails” Prower and Beat from Jet Set Radio. We wonder who will be the next character to join the roster.


April To Join Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

It looks like April O’Neil will be joining the TMNT in the upcoming Konami arcade game. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is a call back to previous TMNT beat-em up games, and fans can now enjoy the new gameplays and features with the star reporter and her Turtle Van.


Yagami From Judgment Is Back!

A brand new Lost Judgment trailer was unveiled at Gamescom. Though the trailer may be brief, but fans were given a taste of what’s to come in the game. We got to see the return of protagonist, Takayuki Yagami in action with various new allies and enemies.

The sequel to Judgment is set to release later this year.

Gamescom Awards

  • Best Action-Adventure Game: Elden Ring (Bandai Namco)
  • Best Action Game: Far Cry 6 (Ubisoft)
  • Best Family Game: Super Dungeon Maker (Rokaplay)
  • Best Indie Game: Lost In Random (Zoink Games/Thunderful, Electronic Arts)
  • Best RPG: Elden Ring (Bandai Namco)
  • Best Simulation: Park Beyond (Bandai Namco)
  • Best Sports Game: Riders Republic (Ubisoft)
  • Best Strategy Game: Age of Empires 4 (Microsoft)
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Halo Infinite (Microsoft)
  • Best Ongoing Game: Apex Legends (Electronic Arts)
  • Most Original Game: Dice Legacy (Ravenscourt)
  • Best Xbox Game: Halo Infinite (Microsoft)
  • Best Switch Game: Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (Ubisoft)
  • Best PlayStation Game: Elden Ring (Bandai Namco)
  • Best PC Game: Syberia: The World Before (Microids)
  • Best Announcement: Saints Row (Koch Media)
  • Best Trailer: Saints Row (Koch Media)
  • Best of Gamescom: Elden Ring (Bandai Namco)
  • Best Line-up: Bandai Namco

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